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What would you say the central theme of Kill la Kill is? Is it just a Bildungsroman? Ryuko's uniform requiring blood (period blood) and her mental maturation are giving me major vibes of that. I'm not sure what to make of the whole nudist vs. clothing thing though. It may be a little early to try to figure this out.

What are your thoughts?
I think there is no deeper meaning behind the show, and the series is made purely for entertainment value.
The central theme is that fake vintage referencing is more successful than real one with the new generations.
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>what to make of the whole nudist vs. clothing thing
The nudists are fucking naked.
But everyone is naked under their clothes.
It's just fun. One problem with haters of this show is that they over-analyze everything. Just watch it and have a good time.
Fashion Facism.

Does it really have to be any deeper than that?
Right, just not sure what to make of it in terms of what it's trying to say aside from arbitrarily choosing two teams to beat one another up.
How is trying to decipher a central theme "overthinking?"
It's the base level of thinking. It's what you take away from the show.
There is no deep meaning.

Did someone try to find deep meanings in PSG? I don't think so
I never said anything about anything deep.
Are you saying that we are overthinking the plot? or that the plot is about overthinking? Maybe that the plot requires overthinking to understand it?
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Sometimes a revealing, powerful, sentient outfit powered by blood is just a revealing, powerful, sentient outfit powered by blood.
Is "Bildungsroman" an english word?
You guys are really good at picking only the most bizarre german terms to include in your language.
Yes, mostly used in literary criticism.
File: makotennis.gif (812.27 KB, 500x281)
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There will be no twist and no deeper meaning to anything at all in the show

The names were put there for fun

I honestly don't even think REVOCS is going to be some secret antagonist anymore, nor do I think that Satsuki's group is going to switch sides.

It's just going to continue on exactly as it has and end in a predictable manner.
I learned it in English class back in 12th grade.
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Temperance, and the moderating of ones passions. In contrast to the themes of TTGL, which is all about overcoming obstacles with your will KlK is about making sure you don't go too far trying to overcome your obstacles and "lose your way."

Obsessing over revenge turns you into a monster, giving into greed turns you into a pig, too much confidence turns into blind ego, too much resolve is just arrogance. So on and so forth.
Yeah 8th grade here.
I don't remember anything from middle school. It was a horrible experience for me, arguably the worst time of my life.
you're dumb as shit

sanageyama is definitely going to face a blind Nui again and the only way that can happen is if Satsuki kicks the bucket or has a change of heart
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The plot hasn't developed significantly the whole series. Every thing that happens is pretty much a gimmick. The closest we got to advancement was the tournament and the school trip but even after that we're back to where we were in episode 3 basically. What makes you think that a show like this has a central underlying message?
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>What would you say the central theme of Kill la Kill is?
A girl with big tits fights another girl with big tits. Everyone is scantily clad.
I have no idea, but it better not be some overused moral like 'friendship', or some shit
It's about me fapping to my favorite character.
Makes sense.
File: 1388955944934.png (221.56 KB, 592x600)
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Please don't sexualize the Mako.
>Mako will never bite your ear
Anyone know where I can listen to the orchestral/horn version of 'don't lose your way' that plays recently when Ryuko enters on her motorcycle?
To be fair, there is/are the new potential antagonist(s) and the fact that Ryuuko went from getting her ass kicked as some bothersome above-average student to a Godrobe-wearer that single-handedly wiped out the big 4 and then the entire school without said Godrobe.

Despite there being at least some advancement, I still have to agree with the lack of an underlying message, though.
File: 003.png (207.56 KB, 829x1200)
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The same as any shounen show really.
I think the underlying message is yet to be made clear. That or you had to read that book about clothes for it to be obvious and whatever it is is horsepiss compared to an actual novel.
Sometimes things are as simple as they appear on the surface.
Don't start reaching on me, there's certainly depth to KLK, but there's a clear point when you start reaching, and it's when you don't have anything to back it up, or you're claiming a detail is something it isn't.

For example, some crackbrained theory like KLK is a prequel to GL is fucking retarded and should not get any merit.

Pointing out that because Junketsu is a "wedding dress" and it and Senketsu are a pair.
A few details in the design suddenly make more sense, specifically Senketsu.
He has a big bowtie for his eyes and is black like a tuxedo.
Junketsu has the ornateness and frills of a wedding dress.

What I'd call reaching is claiming this would prove a yuri ending.

I don't think so, I think just that they're a coupled set, the Kamui's.
They're more akin to something like legendary pokemon or dante and virgil.
Hell they even have the "Red and Blue" color motif going on most things like this do.

I say this because there really aren't that many pair sets of clothing people would recognize or understand as easily as a wedding set. If you can think of one tell me, I'd like to hear some.

Likewise, details like Ryuuko getting power through sex appeal paralleling how real life girls must come to terms with the
changes in power their bodies bring have merit. Details like Tsumugu and Ryuuko having a familial resemblance are also

Claiming Tsumugu is an allusion to Obama and the illuminati sausage convention is bullshit.
Just like TTGL it has a message that is in no way deep or something.

While TTGL says, boy get your ass up and believe in yourself you little faggot, this one is more centered on girls, so the message is, don't give a fuck about what others think and do your thing (don't loose your way....).

This has very much to do with the fact, that men are expected to realise their ambitions and need a kick in the butt if they don't, while women are more tangled into social conforms and break under that pressure from time to time.

It's not rocket sience, it's pretty much the obvious message behind a series that is made for enjoymend and fun. It's just there because Imaishi suffers from a post gainax syndrome. Same goes for all the other things people try to interpret in there but those are infact meaningless.
>post gainax syndrome
I think everyone on /a/ suffers from that.

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