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>It must be deep
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is 8ft deep enough?
Suddenly my whole life changed when a mysterious girl

came out of a portal from another world and told me
>MC is a dude who has nothing better to do with his life so he take parts in a project to be cryogenically frozen where he gets payed a fortune
>He wakes up 50 years in the future in a completely unfamiliar world with a lot of money.
>Boy meets girl
>They fuck
>"Your pussy is so deep!"
>So deep he falls into it
>Girl's pussy is actually the 9th circle of Hell
>He now has to fight demons to stay alive
that I have a very strong power
When a couple of guys who were up to no good

, but that she has to seal it for now because my body is too weak to control it.
I just wanted to live a normal highschool life.
Fund it.
...But fate had other plans for him.
Okay, I'm not going to write a plot, but I'm going to try and figure out what makes a series deep.

>Should be fairly entry level, so people can enjoy it on a more shallow level
>Shouldn't be hard to get into, you're just trying to paint yourself as deep, which is the least deep thing you can do
>Must constantly reference older works that hold significance, but must be done in a way that feels natural for the series
>Add subtle things here and there that you'd have to rewatch several times to notice
>Have several underlying messages, and have your references promote this message
>Every line must be thought of carefully so as to not go against what you've already written
>Important characters must have a degree of realism to make them somewhat relatable so that the messages resonate with you
>Story doesn't have to be totally linear, it can be like a puzzle of medium difficulty
>Information overload is okay at some points, but it shouldn't be done all the time, only when it's significant
>Literary devices must be used, but at the same time, your story must not be predictable based on these devices
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Deep in the oceans where humanity has never ventured before lies cute anime fish girls doing cute anime fish girl things.

Slice of life starring cute anthropomorphic deep sea creatures.
An adaptation of Red Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson. Ecology, economics, ethics, and potent character interaction. Also, you just have to slap a red filter on everything because Mars.
>Humanity has since lost all their males which doesn't matter since their sense of humanity was lost ages beforehand
>The remaining women's lives in a high-tech society run by machines controlled by a super computer
>Humanity draws no distinction between themselves and their robot counterparts, both are created artificially and are pretty co-dependent of each other
>To continue gaining resources for technological development humanity travels throughout the stars conquering planets and mining them dry of everything it has.

basically cute girls building robots, mechs, ships, and other machines and conquering aliens
>Boy walking outside, its sunny.
>Hears a snap
>Looks behind him, sees a squirrel and a branch make contact with the ground
>Boy turns around and keeps walking
>Sees little girl, her head just above his knee level
>Moves his knee into her face
>Keeps walking
>Hears another snap
>Looks behind him, there's nothing
>He then falls down, all his bones are broken
>lolis doing cute things
>pressure anime

i want this
A high school kid named Shuuya is leading a normal life until one day he discovers his refrigerator has transformed into a cute girl named Reizouko ( 冷蔵子
). The series would revolve around their cool adventures. In addition to keeping all of Shuuya's favorite beverages icy cold, Reizouko would also save the day transporting blood during a disaster, or get sick when Shuuya forgets about the Chinese food he ordered a week ago.
Throw in some hedgehog dilemma too. She cools him when he gets too close, and vice versa.
File: Spoiler Image (22.12 KB, 400x299)
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22.12 KB JPG
>Boy fapped over the comatose girl
>She gives him a kiss on the cheek
>Lips get frozen to him
Robots are outlawed. Main Char doesn't really know this because he's just a high school kid and who has time to know deep cross-corporate secrets? He comes home to a fire at his family's apartment building. After it is over and everyone's allowed back in, he finds a girl robot crammed in his bathroom. Full android, has phootage of her creator being shot in in cold blood, etc. MC now has to convince his family that they have another family member. Kid sister not amused. MC has to retrieve The Plans, avoid being killed, avoid being arrested for murder (and wow is that bathroom going to need some ice now), stop his robot from going full rapist on MC and his sister from going full lesbian on robot, and decide if he wants to shake up the human race by free-press-publishing our first real compeditor species since forever.
So a rapebot decided to hang out in his bathroom? Is she customizable?
Cute girls involved somehow?
A man is held captive by a demon who kills a man then disappears, framing the man. The anime is about the man trying to not be caught by the cops while being tormented by the demon.
>last loli on earth
>there's a knock at the door
Cute girls doing cute things, IN SPACE
The only common character archetype that is NOT in the protagonist's harem is the one he has a fetish for.

For instance, if the character likes tsundere, the harem has no tsunderes. If it's childhood friend, then there won't be a romantically available childhood friend in the vicinity.
None whatsoever. There are tomboyish girls, handsome women, and sluts, by /a/'s standards, but no cute girl.
>they find the last male human

Harem series!
Jigoku Shoujo: Futakomori from Kikuri's perspective.
A space Opera in the future following the interwoven stories of Yang von Lohengramm and Reinhard Wenli
>entire show takes place in one small waiting room where a couple of old friends have somehow met after several years
>most of them know each other, several have stopped talking with each other, some are married, all that stuff
>basically normal people waiting for an appointment
>earthquake hits
>they're stuck in that waiting room, now hoping to be rescued
>panic, they're afraid of dying
>show descends into their squabbles, fights and introspection
>entire show is about going from character to character, solving their mutual issues and fighting or coming to an understanding
>secrets are revealed, friendships and relationships shattered
>everyone loses the respect he had for the others as their true faces are revealed
>as the show progresses, it's less colorful, more silent and gray
>at the end, they barely even talk, just reflect on their lives
>the show ends without revealing whether they died in there or not
>hell is other people
It would be about some chick who would have everyone close to her die all the time so she challenges some great fighter and dies....the end
File: flamingos.jpg (229.21 KB, 1920x1200)
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The deconstruction of a deconstruction series about Flamingos.

Must have a beach episode so plebs like it.
The daily lives of the crew of an american nuclear submarine in an alternate reality where in the women's suffrage movement they found a way to homosexually reproduce and men became extinct. The submarine crew finds a shipwreck in which which they found evidence of human males.
File: NoExit_cover.gif (163.30 KB, 309x475)
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163.30 KB GIF
You're a fan?
They also found the last living man, who proceeds to administer hot dickings to the cock-starved crew of the immensely phallic submarine.
Okay okay, guys.
Gundam Race
So Lucky Star is pretty deep, then?
Yes. I just need to turn The Stranger by Camus into a show about little girls and I'll be heralded as the deepest.
File: Mirra.jpg (10.98 KB, 480x360)
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10.98 KB JPG
>pink flamingos
Are you John Mirra?
Explain how it does those things.

I was thinking of most original Gainax/Trigger stuff, with people like Hideaki Anno, Hiroyuki Imaishi, and Yoh Yoshinari being highly referential in their work.
>MC is regular first year high school with good english
>Gets cultural exchange offer
>Goes through with it and packs his bag
>Before he knows it he is on an action packed trip to Sydney
>Penrith Secondary
>The anime is an exploration of the divide between cultures
>SoL about a Japanese lad trying to survive in a hectic Eshay environment
Might be cool.

You want to shock the Japs?
> Set it in New Jersey.
> The foreign exchange student is a girl.
> She falls in love with a foreigner and gets pregnant.
> Leaves Japan for glorious USA.
> The director is western.
There live an entire race of white people on one planet. The live beneath another planet which is said to be home to some scary ass monsters. One day a ship from the monster planet crashes onto the white people planet and a black girl emerges speaking a strange language. A white boy and his girlfriend become friends with her, all while avoiding every other white person who is scared of her because of where she came from.
>He was just an average brown haired high-school student
>until the silver haired transfer student pointed a sword at him and told him that he was secretly a vampire-demon-angel
>and that the strange markings all over him were not birth marks but magical glyphs.
>also transfer student has cat ears
>he is the only one who can stop the war between angels and demons
>hijinks ensue
Men haven't existed since the 30s tho, they wouldn't be cock-starved. But there is a survivor that the sub crew find who is bitter about his gender's extinction and may or may not be a wizard.
File: dscf2269d.jpg (128.76 KB, 640x480)
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128.76 KB JPG
Fund it.

Action packed like a trip to Detroit?

Needs a schtick. Either that or some really long stupid LN style title.
He encounters one of those Australian groups that damage/destroy/commandeer Japanese whaling ships and their crew.

They hold a grudge.
Intended for >>101110372 as well as the one I actually replied to.
a man was born into a poor family. he had to work at a young age, and when he was 13 he started digging graves. he did this for most of his life just digging every day, rarely getting a day off. eventually his family members died with age and he realized how alone he was.

eventually he stopped being able to dig. he was too old himself. without his job as a grave digger, he rapidly ran out of money, until he died. hungry and alone.

nobody ever knew he died. everyone who he ever met was either long dead or forgot he existed. years after his death, he was never buried. somewhere, somehow, his spirit still exists. wishing, forever wishing, that he dug just one more grave. for himself

am I deep yet?
File: stepping-stones.jpg (94.77 KB, 600x336)
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Episode 1: There is no episode 1. The first episode is episode 2.

Episode 2: Stepping-stones stretching to the horizon. Each slightly larger than the previous. The water gently laps around the stone path for twenty-three minutes.

Episode 3: Nighttime. A man, wearing wooden sandals, walks a few stepping-stones out. He has slight difficulty balancing on the stones. The lights in the sky are rings.

Episode 5: The man walks into the distance. Daytime. A distant point on the horizon. This is the beginning and the end.

Episode 7: The deepest descent, looking upward. A world above the water. A cycle above each stepping-stone.

Episode 11: The line that is a plane. We walk effortlessly across it. Any shoes will suffice.

Episode 13: All is number. The distant stones reflect the water. Even without understanding, it can be admired. The water is the origin. We recall a very nice cake shop.
Cute miners do cute things.
Imagine punching somebody so hard that they turned into a door. Then you found out that’s where ALL doors come from, and you got initiated into a murder club that makes doors. The stronger you punch, the better the door. So there are like super strong murderers who punch people into Venetian doors and shit.
A romance between a hikikomori and a fashionable but not very bright girl after she rescues him from suicide. They have a strained relationship, as she is disgusted by his lifestyle, tries to make him change it until she accepts it is the effect not the cause of his isolation. He hates the pressure but knows it is his only chance to return to the world. It explores the condition of shut-ins, how Japanese society and education creates them, and the possible iconoclastic solutions, such as moving abroad.

In the end they have formed the closest of bonds but agree that they could never be a functional couple because of their differences.
Die Hard backwards
File: 1388947075258.png (49.82 KB, 322x281)
49.82 KB
49.82 KB PNG
Anime about diving
Welcome to the next level.
'Soft Lives' does actually sound like the name of an anime. Something feelsy with a cute-girls-doing-cute-things element.
this means we will see the main character through another persons eyes always
>Main characters parents are away on business
>He's the president of the student council
>Does volunteer work
>Dating some hot girl
>throughout the story we hear about people being beat down and the city being controlled by gangsters shaking people down
>Main character ends up getting beat up by the gangsters and ends up hospitalized
>Always seen on his phone

well to keep it short main character is a sociopath that killed his parent and is leading the crime front with a giant smile on his face.
I think it would be better through his eyes. and you see him in pictures or mirrors and stuff.

everything else sounds fine though
One morning, a NEET wakes up to find that his apartment has been transported 1000 years into the future.
It turns out that a top-secret government time tavel research group targeted his room as a test, not knowing that someone was living in it.
Wanting to cover up the incident, and not having any way to send him back, they decide to conceal his existance by giving him any job he wants.
Being a NEET, he answers "I want a job where I can get lots of money without doing anything."
Not wanting to go back on their promise, the agency converts his room into a state-of-the-art spacecraft, complete with an prototype AI autopilot in the form of a 12 year old girl.
The ship travels from planet to planet, buying and selling goods to make a profit, with the AI handling everything, and the NEET not having to move a finger.
The AI doesn't appreciate having to cart this useless human around, and constantly berates him for being lazy.
During their travels, they meet various characters, and have different adventures, with the NEET gradually becoming braver and more active.
In the end, the agency finds a way to send him back home, and the NEET is finally able to leave his room and become part of society again.
Not deep at all, but I thought of it last night and wanted to write it down before I forgot.
Something something David Lynch
Something something holy book
something something violence

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