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I don't know about you, /a/, but I fucking love this series.

In b4 someone tells me how shitty it is.
The JAPANESE Batman. With robots. Huge robots.
Good series. Has an awesome retro look to it ala Giant Robo.
Daytime /a/ is too busy talking about never-ending shonen series, so you won't get your wish.

Also, it kicked ass.
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>In b4 someone tells me how shitty it is.

What are you dense?

Are you retarded?
Also, awesome jazzy soundtrack.
Fuck yeah jazz soundtracks!
>>In b4 someone tells me how shitty it is.

unpossible, everyone knows it isn't shitty and everyone who says it is lies to get attention.
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Love that shot. Big O loves Dorothy as much as Roger does (and is probably more honest about it).
Big O is the shit and CN is a collection of turd-burglers for axing it.


The fuck are you talking about? It's because of it's high ratings in America that we forced them to make a second season and it was shit.
There was supposed to be a 3rd season but CN didn't want it so Sunrise had to make the crazy ending for season 2 instead.

The 2nd season wasn't shit, it wasn't as good as the first one but I still thought it was great.
Pretty damn good.
I'm watching it now and am currently at ep 22, watched it ages ago on CN though I can't remember how it ends, though I know it was a LOL ending.
yeah, this show is a good watch. love season 2 especially those Dorothy episodes.
i'm searching for torrents, but all i get is porn...=(
Yeah, I had that problem a while ago, lol.

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