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File: 1352135654955.jpg (1.12 MB, 1805x1300)
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The last volume is here!

I'm not sure I even want to read Punpun anymore.

Just finished.

Damn you are late OP

The ending sucked anyways
I absolutely loved this until things started getting weird. suspension was totally gone. now I can't stop from thinking as op picture about everything Asano did...
The hell was the point of good vibrations guy
Way to kill the pace with boring shit

Wasn't Hox supposed to do a LIVE scanlation thread!?
>The ending sucked anyways
...I'm upset that it ended and I didn't know, and I'm fucking pissed if the ending actually sucks.
He made a poll on his site and people ultimately decided there was no point since there was already a translation out there.
File: oyasumi-punpun-4749881.jpg (265.78 KB, 1200x850)
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265.78 KB JPG
you seriously think I'm gonna open that?
File: Spoiler Image (432.91 KB, 1164x1600)
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432.91 KB PNG
I don't get it.
Who is this guy?
What does that part in the school mean
File: Spoiler Image (439.70 KB, 1164x1600)
439.70 KB
439.70 KB PNG
This nigger.
its harumi, the guy with the glasses from their childhood who had to move... and the school part is how the children actually remind him of his own childhood with punpun and stuff.
I hoped at least punpuns uncles baby would have a normal face.
File: Spoiler Image (393.27 KB, 1127x1600)
393.27 KB
393.27 KB PNG
Is this how you end a series?
Well this was a pretty happy ending
File: Spoiler Image (137.11 KB, 1200x846)
137.11 KB
137.11 KB JPG
This should have been the end
Only smart guys will understand the ending.
Why do you do this to yourself?
been like 5 months since I've seen last chapter
forgot most the stuff
I didnt really understand much ...
That's the whole message behind the manga.
smart sensible guys are the arian race
File: alone.png (797.34 KB, 781x843)
797.34 KB
797.34 KB PNG
Hooray! While I like Punpun manga, I have to say Kokou no Hito is much closer to my heart. Because in the end while Punpun is ultimately a idiot who is practically source of all of his own suffering but blaming others for it, Mori Buntarou is simply a guy who desperately tries to escape society.

Punpun is asocial person who essentially wants to be liked by others but is clumsy in communication, overly easily falls to depression, has no spine and his spine is strong like candyfloss. On the other hand, Buntarou is simply a loner who wants to escape from society, he has strong will, does not care about other people and just wants to abandon all human contact.

PunPun (8/10), Kokou no Hito (10/10). Opinions, anyway. In these two titles it really depends with whom can reader identify more.
because that was suppose to be the climax
the end of the story, when whatever he said was gonna hapen. something was suppose to happen to punpun and it would end the manga
but it just keeps going because thats how life is u dummy
no such luck
she was born with the eye
with the SHARINGAN
this is the true edge
watch out
for one day he will wake
and cut the world
File: Goodnight Punpun v13 p180.png (462.91 KB, 1162x1600)
462.91 KB
462.91 KB PNG
>This page

You motherfucker, Asano.

Also, should have ended with Punpun saying goodbye to Harumi
File: Goodnight Punpun v13 p254.png (162.24 KB, 1151x1600)
162.24 KB
162.24 KB PNG
I cried.
File: jnksanjksajkcdjk.png (78.72 KB, 173x360)
78.72 KB
78.72 KB PNG
you're not alone
>online manga viewer.
Gonna have to wait for a dl lin.
I find the last half terrible. It's evident that the mangaka ran out of source material. Misses the mark entirely. Terrible cliches.
Who is this guy?
Why should I care?
I don't remember shit.
The beginning of the manga was so long ago.
I don't even care anymore.
That's the point in my opinion. The entire ending has very little to do with Punpun. It's merely inciting a cycle.

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