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Why is this allowed?
Also does Yuki have any other role at the Yamato apart of being cute, act like a stereotypical useless girl, preparing bad coffee and being sexually molested by robots?

Yamato thread I guess.
All Rear Admirals like her.
She's also the primary romantic interest who dies in the final episode after saving Yamato and then comes back to life.. But she is a bit useless, I agree. The robot molesting his waifu was great, though. She was also the nurse, assisting the doctor on several occasions, wasn't she?
Aren't there supposed to be more women at the Yamato? I thought I saw more than one women with yellow suits boarding the Yamato at the first episodes but then the rest they're all men.

How is the remake? Like, stuff like analyzer how is it handled for today's standards?

Watch the remake. Her character is handled much better. Most others too.
The remake added women to the Yamato, turned the main two pilots into girls, Analyzer isn't a molester and gets a short character arc about AI.
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>turned the main two pilots into girls
I'm only on episode 16 of the original but are you telling me Kodai and Shima are girls? Or did they add 2 girl pilots?

>Analyzer isn't a molester and gets a short character arc about AI.
So, pic related?
Since this is a Yamato thread guess I'll post this again.


Because it was not only the 1970s, but it was also Japan.
No, pilots. Kodai and Shima are officers. Yamamoto and the enemy pilot they capture are girls are have bigger roles.
What makes you think there should be women on a WWII battleship in the first place?
Not in the 1940s, surely, but maybe in 2199.
Why would women be more useful for a battleship in 2199 than in 1940?

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