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File: 234324324343.jpg (88.76 KB, 1141x621)
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>greentext edition
The life of Otto Carius
>Once there was a kawaii Barnacle..
Go on...
>Generic Harem
>All girls are tsunderes
>Even MC and his parents are all tsundere
>Everyone's tsundere

I can only dream
> has 4 major arcs
> has 90 percent filler
> planned to be aired for at least 10 years
> 600 episodes along with 13 non-canon movies
>Mahou Shoujo show
>MC is a black market mahou shoujo contractor
>the powers he gives to his girls doesn't even work half the time
>13 episodes with 4 girls, each with their own story and each of them have bad endings in which the MC is always oblivious to
Fund it.
File: images.jpg (6.37 KB, 200x200)
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6.37 KB JPG
>Childhood friend
I want this to happen

Right now
>MC dream is to have a harem.
>He tries his best to get the girls
>Doesn't get the girls but always help them in some way
>Works anyway.
>Childhood friend help him because it's funny as fuck.
>Space Opera
>Humans in Mars have evolved differently
>They are running out of space and resources, Earth too.
>They kill each other in mecha-less planetary combat
>Everyone dies.
>Little girls
>On the moon
Would watch.
Sid Meier's Civilization V: The Anime

>Tsundere loli Genghis Kahn
>The last Samurai
>In space
>My boyfriend is a God.
This could be so good if well pulled.
The possibilities are endless.
>Surgeon anime
>With real illnesses
>With anatomicallly correctly drawn bodies, instruments and procedures
>MC is a loli doctor.
File: Solrock.png (8.04 KB, 240x160)
8.04 KB
8.04 KB PNG
>Pokemon Alternate universe
>Pokemon are lolis
>minus Ash Ketchup and Red as MC
>But with airplane girls

I'm still waiting, Japan.
>Kyoani SOL show about high school life.
>Shock horror! It's about christmas cake teachers instead of students.
>Romance/comedy elements. A bit like Working or Servant x Service
>Some students are reoccurring characters too
>Kyoani SOL
Kyoani can't into SoL anymore, they are dead.
File: 1192400653357.jpg (17.47 KB, 512x384)
17.47 KB
17.47 KB JPG
>Mecha, supernatural or other typical shonen setting (high school side-setting optional)
>MC and main girl are together from the beginning and behave like the couple in Kare Kano
One shit show doesn't mean they're dead.
Refugees living on a traveling sand ship in a world covered by desert.

There are huge monster whale-things living underneath the sand powerful enough to crush entire ships. It's suspected that these things ate up the Earth's resources and reduced everything to desert.

People pilot sand mechs to raid old ruins for leftover resources.

MC is engineer on one of these ships. His life is hell as he risks everything daily in order to fix the crumbling ship's problems. His colleagues die one by one.

Over the course of the show he slowly begins to question why he has to endanger his own life for snobby assholes who live the high life inside air-conditioned chambers.
>an anime mecha
>mecha is a ghost
>ghost mecha, can pass through walls

>other paranormal entities have a mecha too, vampire, wizard, goblin

>set in a mordern day japan, but with magic, and machines
File: Civ V NTR.png (2.14 MB, 1573x3904)
2.14 MB
2.14 MB PNG
Title would be "Tsun Tsun demo Koi Shinjiteru!"
Nah she'd be clumsy as fuck. A loli milf would do though.
Hopefully you're not talking about Chuuni
File: Yuzuko ashamed.png (252.40 KB, 447x403)
252.40 KB
252.40 KB PNG
>There is this guy who has a farm
>the guy is a 17 years old classic MC.
>There is this new girl on the neighborhood who is from the city
>She falls in love with the MC
>But the MC is in love with his cow
>Classic romcom but the childhood friend is now a cow
You mean she has cowtits? Would watch.
File: knk.jpg (42.88 KB, 614x345)
42.88 KB
42.88 KB JPG
Of course not.
>KyoAni show about hot teachers
Yes please
We all know they want to anyway
File: 1362290168097.jpg (103.47 KB, 413x413)
103.47 KB
103.47 KB JPG
>KyoAni show about teachers doing nothing on the teachers classroom
Like joshiraku but with christmas cakes teachers.
>replace the entire cast with cute girls
>everyone except Worf
Can a bald girl be moe?
Where can I fund this?
File: temp5.png (160.95 KB, 419x548)
160.95 KB
160.95 KB PNG
>Can a bald girl be moe?
>childhood friend help him
>one of the girls works to help him out

I want more of this.

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