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>Every chapter ends on a cliffhanger
>Instead of using character names, characters use terms like "that person/guy/woman....!!!!" to refer to others
>Other times characters repeat someone's full name multiple times in the same conversation instead of just using the fire or last name
>Rank in a military organisation is decided not by leadership skills or senioririty, but personal fighting skills
>The top ranking commanders in a military organisation never make any plans or command an army, they always fight on the front lines personally and the rest of the army just does whatever
>MC is defeated by villain, but is allowed to live because he's "interesting"
>MC is defeated by villain, but a strong background character shows up to rescue him in the nick of time
>Power of friendship allows you to ignore lethal wounds and defeat the guy who was kicking your ass earlier
>MC sustains lethal wounds, recovers with no side effects or long term complications even though everyone is certain he will die
>MC is afflicted by some unrecoverable sickness/wound/curse/whatever, some plot device heals him anyway
>MC dies, is brought back to life. Happens more than once. Everytime he dies we are treated to a dramatic scene of him dying and then he is brought back to life a few chapters later with no problems.
>Character is hit by surprise attack, it stabs a non-vital area and he easily continues fighting. Nobody ever cuts the neck or stabs the eye.
>Characters stop fighting to explain their techniques to each other.
>MC trains for a few months, easily defeats masters who have been training for decades.
>Character uses a forbidden technique that has serious side effects, side effects arent relevant for a long time and/or easily healed.
>MC is accompanied by many strong allies, who either job or do nothing while the MC fights and wins.
>Character dies, LOL JK he was heavily wounded but survived off screen! Usually happens in a flashback.
>Many scenes of females hitting a male character. We are expected to find this hilarious.
>Girl acts like a bitch, nobody tells her to fuck off and instead the MC falls in love with her.
>Nobody knows how to lock doors.
>Femal0e character walks around everywhere with a sword (real or fake) in highschool. Nobody finds this weird or creepy at all. If a guy does it, hes the school delinquent.
>Female transfers in, proclaims herself to be the MC's love interest. People actually take her seriously.
>Female breaks into the MC's room. Isnt reported to the police for breaking and entering.
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Things we love about shounen battle manga general?
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That's fucking horrendous.
>A non-magical katana made out of normal steel is able to cut through thick slabs of steel. No explanation is given other than the wielder is "skilled" or "strong".
>One strong guy can easily defeat an entire army by himself. Instead of figuring out a way to produce more strong guys, armies still rely on thousands of easily defeated canon fodder and useless tanks/battleships/etc then act shocked and surprised when they lose. There is no shortage of siad "strong guys" in the story either.
>Cutting an explosive device in half (like a missle) does not cause it to explode. If it does, it deals no damage to the guy who cut it although he is right next to it when it explodes.
>Character is immune to a certain type of attack. Organisation keeps on sending people who rely on said attack to fight him, then act shocked and surprise when they lose. They dont bother hiring someone else to fight him.
>Highschool kid is more intelligent/skilled than adults with many years of training.
>Some rich family has a better intelligence network than the country's intelligence agency.
>A skinny teenager can easily match the strength of a huge buff guy. Everyone thinks this is perfectly normal.
>MC only has one friend, who is male and depicted as a loser for comedic effect. His childhood friend is almost always female and a potential love interest.
>MC does something stupid, impresses lots of females with his "willpower" and "determination"
>Characters stop fighting for long periods to trash talk. Onlookers are perfectly fine with that.
>The demon king is actually a nice person and was simply misunderstood. The real villains are the humans.
>The hero and the demon king fall in love and resolve to save the world together.
>The hero always has some companions which include a mage type, a cleric type and a archer type. Possibly a thief type as well.
You should give shounen a rest, try switching demographics.
>Guns or (some other weapon) is useless. People insist on using it anyway.
>Americans are always big breasted blond haired white girls.
>Japanese characters who dont know english interact with foreigners in another country. The foreigners speak perfect japanese.
>Girls grope each other's breasts and vaginas in the bath. None of the girls are lesbians or find this creepy. Girls also randomly grope each other in public and follow each other into lingerie dressing rooms.
>Mechs presenting large targets for anti-tank weaponry is never touched upon. Also a large robot the size of a building is somehow more "mobile" than a small vehicle.
>Japan is oppressed by evil gaijins. Japanese highschool kid with special power must liberate Japan.
>Some guy crossdresses in highschool.Nobody has any problems with this and he is not bullied at all.
>Highschool kid with no job from a middle class family hass no problems paying bills and feeding multiple girls who are freeloading at his place.
>Tournament arc. The tournament organizers turn out to have some evil plot that is using the tournament as a cover.
>MC fights one of the strongest characters in the series. Wins because his opponent is holding back to see how powerful the MC is.
>Healthy highschool boy has zero interest in females. Is not gay either, and nobody finds it strange.
>Healthy highschool boy is scared shitless of physical contact with females. No explanation (like a childhood trauma) is ever given for this.
>Villain was actually pretending to be the villain to unite the world against him and usher in an era of peace.
>MC fights and defeats female from enemy organisation. She becomes his ally and potential love interest.
>MC fights and defeats male from enemy organisation. He becomes his ally and rival.
>Pretty girl is unable to attract any guys. No explanation is ever given for this.

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