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File: L face.jpg (13.05 KB, 300x242)
13.05 KB
13.05 KB JPG
How much anime do you watch every day?
What is your anime watching face?
File: akagi-anime.jpg (30.51 KB, 500x375)
30.51 KB
30.51 KB JPG
Nowadays 1-2 episodes.
File: reaction to everything.png (216.19 KB, 918x1400)
216.19 KB
216.19 KB PNG
I rarely watch anime nowadays. I'm too busy reading manga.
File: 1381683648762.jpg (20.89 KB, 200x200)
20.89 KB
20.89 KB JPG
Probably 3 or 4 episodes a day
File: 1338213802121.jpg (33.31 KB, 250x250)
33.31 KB
33.31 KB JPG
About 5-6 episodes a day.
File: 1386284866868.jpg (20.70 KB, 393x360)
20.70 KB
20.70 KB JPG
5-6 episodes a day. i dont watch anything that comes out on fridays though, no exceptions.[/blogshit]
File: pedrounamused.png (94.49 KB, 306x243)
94.49 KB
94.49 KB PNG
Around 6 episodes up to 15 If im marathoning something from my backlog.
File: 1390206195930.gif (486.02 KB, 500x281)
486.02 KB
486.02 KB GIF
From 4-15 episodes a day, depending on how interested I am in the anime.
File: 1388665945164-2.jpg (146.51 KB, 1920x1080)
146.51 KB
146.51 KB JPG
File: datsmile.jpg (115.34 KB, 1280x720)
115.34 KB
115.34 KB JPG
3 seasons a week + the half dozen odd shows I've picked up that season.

I've seen my reflection in the monitor, at times: thin-lipped, glossy wide-eyed smile like a junkie about to get fixed.
>15 episodes
I really do miss that autism, nowadays it takes me a week to marathoned a 24 episodes series.
File: 1378588823427.png (563.84 KB, 748x600)
563.84 KB
563.84 KB PNG
0-3 episodes a day.
It depends on my mood. Mostly 5-10 episodes per day.
File: 1370016245176.gif (2 MB, 250x276)
2 MB
I switch on and off weeks between playing Animal Crossing and reading, and watching anime/reading manga.
I marathon all the stuff from last week at once.
For example, I've watched 5 episodes this morning alone.
File: koto2.png (160.20 KB, 595x470)
160.20 KB
160.20 KB PNG
2-7 depending on how busy I am
whole seasons if i'm doing nothing at all the whole day
File: leonardo.jpg (29.55 KB, 848x480)
29.55 KB
29.55 KB JPG
~4 on average but can peak to 7-8 a day and lows at 1-2
It varies between 0-4 and 10+.
File: 1333701905321.jpg (35.42 KB, 550x400)
35.42 KB
35.42 KB JPG
2-4 normal

10-15 if marathoning
2 episodes in 2 weeks
or 6 or 8 in a weekend
it depends of my gf's mood and mine.
File: 1335105903478.jpg (107.41 KB, 587x403)
107.41 KB
107.41 KB JPG
>Watching anime

Nothing has been good in 2013 since Shinsekai Yori and Psycho Pass
>not doing both
File: 1363177299892.gif (9.39 KB, 163x305)
9.39 KB
9.39 KB GIF
It depends. It's usually the face of utter embarrassment.

Shit, I can't catch up to most anime from this season, because it's really hard to finish some shows.
File: 1336601594537.jpg (109.52 KB, 850x758)
109.52 KB
109.52 KB JPG
A-are you a n-n-normalfag?

P-please leave!
About 3-4 per sitting. At the most about 14 episodes but that's only if i'm really into the anime.

The real question is how often do i have these sittings?

Barely ever. I'm still trying to catch up with some of the airing anime but i'm too damn busy ;_;
File: 1336845904617.jpg (72.71 KB, 400x400)
72.71 KB
72.71 KB JPG
Sometimes I watch the whole day after I come home from work.
File: 5478976537.png (95.42 KB, 362x348)
95.42 KB
95.42 KB PNG
Depends. Some days I watch 0, others I watch, like, 12 or something.
File: heterolust.jpg (91.18 KB, 1280x720)
91.18 KB
91.18 KB JPG
>Shin Sekai Yuri
File: :3.png (2.50 KB, 240x240)
2.50 KB
2.50 KB PNG
0-4 episodes
1-2 if I only watch current season.
Up to 20 if I'm marathoning something.
1-4 normally.

20-25 while marathoning.

>Implying you didn't enjoy pico to chico

Animel farm was great
like 24 episodes a week.
I just marathon in weekends
4 episodes a week

Just watching the ones that air
Shin Sekai Yori was pretty darned good, though. Even with the sudden homolust.
File: 1342757172406.gif (2.46 MB, 396x170)
2.46 MB
2.46 MB GIF
1 or 2 episodes a week, sometimes none
I don't even know why I still come on /a/
Usually 4-5 episodes a day
Because you have no friends.
huehue so fanny
yea man he no friends lel
Depends if I have something to watch, right now I'm only watching new releases, so about 4-5/week

If I find an anime I haven't seen that's already released I'll probably watch 10-12 episodes/day until its finished.
2 - 3 episodes a day


Where else would we go, /v/, /tv/ ?

I like /ck/ myself
File: 1367182959105.jpg (26.66 KB, 893x528)
26.66 KB
26.66 KB JPG
I have a few. No gf though. 3DPD a shit anyway
I have no friends.
Depends on the number of subs being released that particular day. Sometimes none, sometimes it can go as high as 20 if I'm marathoning.
File: tv autism.gif (1.27 MB, 781x319)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB GIF
I do hang out on /tv/ unfortunately, they are sometimes more autist than this board.
File: 1389257337758.jpg (194.58 KB, 500x500)
194.58 KB
194.58 KB JPG
1-2 on most days.
Maybe 6 if I really get into something
/ck/ is pretty nice, actually. I like to go there and pretend I actually cook.
All you need to do is add /jp/ to that list and you complete the pedophilia trifecta.
Stop pretending and try to learn. It's fun as fuck.

Your waifu will love it
File: life-on-anime-7-months.png (32.28 KB, 130x130)
32.28 KB
32.28 KB PNG

I'm a marathoner so I do two series a week spanning a cour a day + the most recent episode of my season watch list when it comes out and a splash of Neon Alley (ex. Thursday was Kill La Kill + 6 episodes of Fate/Zero + some random episodes of K dubbed)
Completly depends, I have no average.
The way it works is that if I start an anime I enjoy i'll marathon it, so sometimes I can watch 26 episode in a day.
I'll never watched something that doesn't have at least one season fully finished.
I usually wait for blueray releases too. I strongly believe my way of watching anime is vastly superior to anything else as well.
0 thanks to /a/
nobody watches anime on /a/ BAKA
But then you miss weekly /a/ threads. They're basically the reason I follow some shit shows like VVV or KLK.
File: 1363249261850.jpg (77.76 KB, 550x550)
77.76 KB
77.76 KB JPG
Between class, work, and misc. family and friends plans, honestly I probably only watch a couple episodes of a show a day.

If I have enough freetime I can go through an arc pretty easily, but it takes me weeks to finish entire series.
I'm more into film nowadays. Most anime is downright embarrassing to watch.
>watching Nobunaga the Fool
>stupid mecha battle
>childish speeches
>big boobs and perverted sidekick
Jesus Christ... For the whole thing I was thinking about my recently downloaded Sternberg's collection and wondering why I even bother with this dumb cartoon.
File: daff.jpg (31.54 KB, 480x531)
31.54 KB
31.54 KB JPG
>I'll never watched something that doesn't have at least one season fully finished
> I strongly believe my way of watching anime is vastly superior to anything else as well.
>vastly superior

>Not anticipating each episode of a season release
>Not coming on /a/ and sharing your predictions and theories with other /a/ssholes
>Not suffering Worst Girl Wins and S2 never realizations
>Risking being spoiled

Oh /a/non...

>Watching a show weekly
>Not marathoning everything once it's done airing

It sounds like you don't enjoy the watching of anime as much as you enjoy talking about the anime itself

Are you lonely Anon?

>implying the mechs arent badass
>implying Nobunaga isnt a hot-blooded badass
>implying Jeanne's boobs arent badass

Learn to enjoy things.
I can't enjoy something that childish.

Not him, but I hate the feeling of being empty after a series has ended. I dont know how people can cope with that feeling, especially if you're running through shows daily.

Are you by chance a NEET?
like 1-3 usually
it's horrible because I'm an entry level pleb and have a shit load of stuff I want to watch but I just can't bother myself to do it
0-4 is average but I watch much more while I marathon. I've watched 26 episode series in a single day if I'm into it enough. My manga watching face if that stupid face Light makes when he laughs. I would post it but I'm on a smart phone.
File: Stop projecting.jpg (4.20 KB, 254x199)
4.20 KB
4.20 KB JPG

>Not marathoning everything once it's done airing

>TFW when I'm this guy >>101086245
and my first words are "I'm a marathoner"

Is this a picture of you anon?
I marathoned LoGH and until I talked about it with /a/ I didn't realized I missed a lot of subtext and that kind if stuff.
Depends whether I'm marathoning or not, I sometimes even watch series with ~24 episodes in one day.
But lately, I've been reading VNs so I haven't really watched anything except currently-airing shows. Just finished Cross Channel a few days back, it was pretty great.
File: 1384394069181.png (1.35 MB, 1280x720)
1.35 MB
1.35 MB PNG
File: 1389125143568.jpg (133.73 KB, 1280x720)
133.73 KB
133.73 KB JPG
>pick up good series
>watch 74 episodes in 10 days
>pick up shitty series
>can' force myself to watch 24 episodes in a month, but still not dropping it
download anime watch all episodes .
download another anime repeat
Mature anime for mature hobbyists such as myself etc, etc.

Go drink some bleach. I heard that's "in" with the mature crowd nowadays
File: 1370538243525.jpg (274.76 KB, 1920x1080)
274.76 KB
274.76 KB JPG
Well I'm watching 31 shows in this current glorious season so I watch about 2-8 a day.
File: lionhug_zps8d779cce.gif (487.43 KB, 200x128)
487.43 KB
487.43 KB GIF
>31 shows
>Actually watching Winter Season dregs

Who...who hurt you /a/non?
No. Just give me something interesting and not for children. It doesn't need to be very deep or mature.
Why are you watching that shit in the first place? Nobody forced you to do it.
I dropped it already. I was just playing with this famous 3 epidoses rule. But I couldn't finish second episodes of some shows:

Nobunaga the Fool
Z/X Ignition
Super Sonico
Fucking hell, I'm watching 6 shows this season and that feels like enough.

Not that guy but what are you watching currently?

I was gonna pick up Pupa and Nobunga because they looked more mature and less childish from the premise than your typical slice of life where nothing ever happens and /a/ circlejerks about
>3 seasons a week
Teach me your skills, master!
Not that guy, but if you're THAT kind of a guy who wants some cool show, I'd recommend Silver Spoon, and steer the fuck away from Pupa and Nobunaga. Pupa is a 3 minute short and makes absolutely zero sense.
File: 5c2.png (58.99 KB, 622x626)
58.99 KB
58.99 KB PNG

Anyone with an appreciation for anime can tell you that there's an anime for every taste category, shit-talking the medium as a whole show a lot of immaturity. Or are we forgetting that The Academy's 2010 film of the year is a re-imagining of Perfect Blue.

So if you're serious and not baiting start listing your preferences and getting real suggestions.
I still need to watch plenty of episodes, but I somewhat enjoyed first episodes of:

Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha
Robot Girls Z
Sakura Trick
Sekai Seifuku
Pilot's Love Song
Tonari no Seki-kun

I wouldn't call any of them mature or very interesting, though. At best they are like better Western cartoons.
It depends, when I'm watching something on my backlog + currently airing it's like 8-10 a day but when only watching currently airing probably 3-4.

I don't have an anime face, but when something stupid/cringeworthy happens I talk to myself WHYY
>there's an anime for every taste category
Except for people who enjoy realistic drama. But I'm talking mainly about this season.
Depends on how much anime airs at that day.

>realistic drama
Toradora did that pretty well
I was hit 35 and eventually I watched Kamizake Girls and I was like "Fuck it" and drop some. Now it's 30, but I also watch a couple of western TV series.
>but if you're THAT kind of a guy
>Silver spoon



I'll pass, I like anime because it's medium gives directors more creative freedom in world building, not because it's better than Adventure Time
File: 1371935677335.png (130.17 KB, 500x346)
130.17 KB
130.17 KB PNG
2 or 3
File: 1384273673237.gif (561.05 KB, 240x180)
561.05 KB
561.05 KB GIF
1-3 episodes per day.
Mostly facepalming at moe and bad jokes.
Not all SoL has to be ''boring shit'' you know. It's a coming-of-age story, I'm willing to bet that a ''mature'' anime faggot like you would like it.
File: Konomi not like this.png (288.19 KB, 490x620)
288.19 KB
288.19 KB PNG
Only watching 4 shows right now and my backlog can go fuck itself, so I guess 3-4 per week.
File: 1329241503781.jpg (233.91 KB, 1280x720)
233.91 KB
233.91 KB JPG
Probably an episode or two depending on what aired. I rarely marathon series anymore because I'm too busy.

I get this dumb ass grin on my face whenever I watch something that's actually good.

Nigger I hate coming of age stories

I'm not a mature anime faggot I just like something to happen in my anime and generally nothing fucking happens in SOL, don't even pretend
The west does SOL better than Japan it's not even funny
File: d5c.jpg (45.71 KB, 625x626)
45.71 KB
45.71 KB JPG

>Realistic drama
at least 7 anime per week
File: 1386543773459.jpg (55.25 KB, 652x720)
55.25 KB
55.25 KB JPG
Not bad as it sounds, Only long one is Thursday where I watch 8 shows.

This season is great anon what are you talking.

Maybe if you work but I don't so I have all the time in the world to watch my glorious anime.
File: 1388523788541.jpg (7.11 KB, 228x289)
7.11 KB
7.11 KB JPG
5-10 episodes.
File: 1379155158792.png (97.97 KB, 212x198)
97.97 KB
97.97 KB PNG
Lots of shit happens in SoL shows. It's all in the character interactions.

>west does SOL better than Japan it's not even funny
Nigga you cray
I disagree. Japanese live-action slice of life or drama films are amazing. Of course they are often very bitter and naturalistic, unlike anime sols which are mostly sitcoms.
6-8 a week to catch up

I will be willingly to concede stuff happens in SOL shows if you can name some and events that happens within

Every SOL I've watched nothing happens, admittedly I watch very little
watch Nichijou
>admittedly I watch very little
So you admit that you're talking out of your ass
When the fuck did /a/ get filled with these pretentious fags who sound like they've come straight from ANN? Come the fuck on now

>Jumping to conclusions
>Getting angry

It means I have ceased to watch all of the sol genre lately but in the past the sol I did watch had very little happen

I was talking present tense dumbfuck
Around 30 episodes a day.
Anime isn't my main hobby. And what is pretentious about liking films?
Unlike that guy I like anime sols. Sure they aren't very mature or gripping, but most are fun to watch.
Yeah, yeah. I get it. I'll just drop a little metabomb on this shit thread - /a/ is a place for diehard anime fans.
File: noah.png (207.53 KB, 400x225)
207.53 KB
207.53 KB PNG
I don't. 4-5 episodes in a week but if marathoning or catching up, 8-10 in a day.
File: 1390050354870.png (131.55 KB, 334x455)
131.55 KB
131.55 KB PNG
Varies of course but when I have a series I start to like I can watch 8-10 ep's a day. I'd say I average about 2-4 a day generally speaking though.
File: IMG_1237_2.jpg (48.55 KB, 500x351)
48.55 KB
48.55 KB JPG
3-15 per day, depends on my mood.
File: 1370285683954.jpg (35.01 KB, 330x330)
35.01 KB
35.01 KB JPG
At one time it would be 5 or 6 episodes at day but now I find it hard to find shows to watch.
2-3 episodes a day.

I'd watch more, but http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1HZHjYPuxE
File: 1390405734130.gif (2.45 MB, 400x209)
2.45 MB
2.45 MB GIF
Probably around 3/4 a day. I try to keep myself from watching multiple episodes of the same animu in one day.
File: autism05.jpg (299.40 KB, 991x985)
299.40 KB
299.40 KB JPG
I have some type of mental block that prevents me from enjoying passive entertainment (I just feel like I'm wasting time when I watch anything), so I watch maybe a few episodes a week. I fucking hate it, I just wish I could let myself enjoy things ;~;
File: 1379736269387.jpg (17.62 KB, 195x278)
17.62 KB
17.62 KB JPG
3 minimum every day. I don't marathon because I burn myself out when I do so.
Watch it on your laptop/tablet/cellphone/TV while you do something on your computer, nerdass
watching 3 episodes a day and the Ubelblatt chapter once it is released which is about once in 60 days.

I need to pick up more manga series
File: 1373764769323.jpg (35.17 KB, 500x371)
35.17 KB
35.17 KB JPG
>What is your anime watching face?
Between 3-6, sometimes more, although that's not very common.

Rate me
It's this.
About 24 episodes a day usually. I wake up and shower and masturbate to my waifu then marathon an anime from my backlog. I order pizza and have them deliver it through my window so I don't have to leave my room. Mom brings me sodas. Occasionally piss in bottles because I'm to into the anime to get up
mfw a show i love ends
File: 1378436840306.png (399.67 KB, 612x530)
399.67 KB
399.67 KB PNG
4 episodes a day, not including currently airing shows. Anything less, and my backlog is going to outlive me.
>literally cancer
Well like most people in this thread, I guess.
>Otaku meme
>Cat ears
>Stereotypical anime faces xD
>That was just plain wrong
This is the textbook definition of weeaboo.
File: i came.jpg (4.98 KB, 259x194)
4.98 KB
4.98 KB JPG
If you're serious than that's hilarious
File: 1379504873595.jpg (86.30 KB, 694x474)
86.30 KB
86.30 KB JPG
4 episodes a day because I can't watch more because of work.
Are you Japanese? Do you work 18 hours a a day?
File: 1367685250244.jpg (9.49 KB, 357x322)
9.49 KB
9.49 KB JPG
1 episode a week, when it airs
File: 1379473007842.jpg (60.62 KB, 400x400)
60.62 KB
60.62 KB JPG
I need to get around to some better series. I can barely hold my attention for a single episode.
Usually work from 8am to 3-5pm, I usually go to /a/ until 8pm and then watch 4 episodes before going to sleep.
20-30 episodes a week, roughly.
File: gintoki1.png (323.82 KB, 476x476)
323.82 KB
323.82 KB PNG
I'd say about 1-5 a day.

If I'm marathoning and I'm into it, I could keep on going.
I don't watch anime.
>Anything less, and my backlog is going to outlive me.
Mine will regardless.
File: 1320233859113.png (241.60 KB, 619x471)
241.60 KB
241.60 KB PNG
10-15 on average.
2-4 episodes per sitting, usually.
File: doll.jpg (18.87 KB, 270x300)
18.87 KB
18.87 KB JPG
a full season per day

I dont want to watch to much shows at the same time, shit start geting confusing
Yea, and you start forgetting important details when you jump around shows
File: 1386776559601.jpg (14.87 KB, 500x283)
14.87 KB
14.87 KB JPG
no set amount. It's not a daily thing just if I find a series or if its the day of a new ep.

this is my face. Guess what animu its from
maybe like 1-3 eps per week if I average it. 30 eps per day if I'm marathoning. Then I get sick of anime and I don't watch any for 6 months
I think I retain more if I watch 1 ep per day. If it's right before bed I dream about it and think about it the next day. It's way more immerse than marathoning imo
I watched 35 episodes of HxH (2011 version) on Sunday.

Unfortunately my weeks are very busy and I won't get to watch it again until the weekend.
Usually I watch about 1-2 episodes a day. But lately I've increased that. I'm not going to school or working so I'm watching about a cour of a show a day. It's getting pretty bad.
>Theories and predictions

What, like, "widg girl wud u fugg???!" debates? I'd pass on that as well. I usually come here to talk about older shows, rather than current airing ones.

Preferably stuff that has some intellectual merits to get decent discussion going.
>Go there
>Armin, Armout.
>Laugh heartily.

Oh god send help.
one episode a day is all my roommate is willing to watch with me

which is good because he hates anime and I can't breathe after laughing for too long
File: 1457 (2).jpg (91.19 KB, 1280x720)
91.19 KB
91.19 KB JPG
I watched Toradora in one run when I was sick this winter.

>around christmas
>cover myself in a blanket
>drink tea
>go through an emotional rollercoaster
File: Stop.gif (575.12 KB, 400x500)
575.12 KB
575.12 KB GIF
>emotional rollercoaster
6-12 including airing shows + w/e from back log
It strongly depends.
There were months were I didn't watch anything at all.
Now sunday is my day to watch all the weekly anime that I follow (10-15).
This anime sunday is the only day where I will guaranteed watch anime. Till wednesday I usually watch all the weaker leftovers from anime sunday.
File: anya_alstreim.jpg (81.71 KB, 640x480)
81.71 KB
81.71 KB JPG
don`t mess with my feelings, anon-kun
Why the hell do you watch anime with your roommate?
File: 1337207940149[1].png (551.66 KB, 1280x720)
551.66 KB
551.66 KB PNG
I watch an average of less than one a week. What happened to my life?
You're frequenting. /a/
File: 1296675-BBO0SFY.jpg (40.29 KB, 500x534)
40.29 KB
40.29 KB JPG
So, by spending all my time discussing anime I have lost all reason to discuss anime?
because when something stupid happens I can instantly exchange reactions with another person

instead of waiting to get on my computer, greentexting the scene, and posting an epic reaction meme on /a/

most of your reactions are boring and I'm convinced some of you are 12
Right now I'm streaming Carnival Phantasm to my PS3 and watching it on my big screen. It's pretty nice.
File: 1374172609434.jpg (27.43 KB, 267x301)
27.43 KB
27.43 KB JPG
yes, and there's no escape.
>seeking reactions
Yeah, fuck off.
File: 1270696578710.png (13.64 KB, 450x450)
13.64 KB
13.64 KB PNG
So be it. I have reached my final form.
such edge

what do you think you're doing this very instant, anon?
Pls stay there the next time.
Nowadays I watch maybe 6-10 a day. However, back when I had no life whatsoever, I was marathoning all day every day and knocking out a few series a day (depending on how long they were).
>complaining about reactions in a reaction image thread
I have no reaction to this
1-2 episodes. During the start of a semester around 4-5 .
File: image.jpg (33.11 KB, 399x276)
33.11 KB
33.11 KB JPG
4-5 episodes
I can sometimes go weeks without watching even one episode, then watch 2 full shows right after each other.
I watch one episode every night when going to bed. Two, if I'm going to bed early or have to get up late. My life is far too busy for me I just want to go back to NEETing it up.
File: sasha_zpsfa146e6b.jpg (77.17 KB, 300x300)
77.17 KB
77.17 KB JPG
I only marathon, I finished baccano! and fate/zero in a day.
File: 1369757882203.png (17.04 KB, 570x533)
17.04 KB
17.04 KB PNG
Really depends on the day. Last season, it was like two a week, now it's like two-three a day.
I go weeks without watching anime
And then I find something I really like and go crazy
But I spend hours on /a/ no matter what
File: 1326068362230.jpg (17.91 KB, 480x368)
17.91 KB
17.91 KB JPG
When I'm in the mood it's anything from 2 to 8 hours. I usually start after midnight and watch until the sun comes up.

It balances out because I go weeks, sometimes months without watching anything.
File: 1376242430522.png (88.97 KB, 400x400)
88.97 KB
88.97 KB PNG
I mostly read manga and books, so I only get in 1-2 episodes a day and marathon shit on the weekends when I have more time.
>watching anime instead of just complaining about them
1 season per day every day in summer
normally 3 hs
File: face.jpg (89.92 KB, 1020x600)
89.92 KB
89.92 KB JPG
File: Gendo.jpg (7.99 KB, 266x189)
7.99 KB
7.99 KB JPG
About 2-3 episodes a day, sometimes more.
File: snapshot20090913150511.jpg (85.62 KB, 1280x720)
85.62 KB
85.62 KB JPG
3 episode a day or so.
Oh God...
File: 1390590422626.jpg (56.14 KB, 483x515)
56.14 KB
56.14 KB JPG
1-3 episodes a day.
Usually from 6 episodes from 5 different series to an entire season and a half but lately I've been too busy browsing /co/ to watch anything.
File: 1390204036774.gif (688.23 KB, 286x310)
688.23 KB
688.23 KB GIF
i haven't been watching anything lately, nothing really grabbing my interest
File: 1234.jpg (66.12 KB, 420x236)
66.12 KB
66.12 KB JPG
I'm just starting to get back into this anime crap after 2 years of studying. I'm on a long break so I'm trying to catch up on what I've missed.

2-3 episodes x 3-4 different series

and I'm busy playing battlefield 4 too.

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