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File: chow-yun-fat-cut.jpg (18 KB, 450x312)
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I was surfing through IMDB today and came across an entry on a Live Action Dragonball movie. I had heard rumors and, seeing as nothing was happening, assumed that the rumors were false. Anywho, the IMDB link is http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1098327/

Chow Yun Fat is Master Roshi!!!!!!

I also found some concept video about the movie. That's at http://youtube.com/watch?v=DTZIwuc35cE
Yes, it's actually happening.

goku is a high-school jock or something

it's like fucking smallville
its feeling pretty /b/ around here
It's a total lie and never going to happen.
Op here. It's no lie, check the links.
when this comes out I'm going to fap furiously in the theater during the whole thing
PeeWee Herman is that you?
This is gonna be so bad it will be good.
>it's like fucking smallville
Then I should be fine with this. Smallville is one of my guilty pleasures.

he looks like that guy in batman...
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282 KB JPG
This is goku.
File: 1205015502081.jpg (94 KB, 404x342)
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That kid don't look as tough as me!
It's dragonball
Remember, the time when you were as tall as a thumb and patted groins all over the place?
We all loved Dragon Ball/Dragon Ball Z when we first saw it, Well at least till the end of Namek Saga. You are all lying to yourselves.
Chow Yun Fat is fucking awesome... but, I can't see people even going to laugh at this movie
i hope the movie moves around the final tournament of Dragon ball and dont include Vegeta, freeza etc.
Unfortunate truth.

I am obligated to see this movie, though I could not force myself to see it in theaters.


I cant believe I fell for it, again.

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