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So out of the top 3 anime in the world, which is better? Bleach, Naruto or One Piece? I started watching anime around two months ago, and have to say Bleach is my favourite by far. Also currently into Avatar: The Legend of Korra. I much prefer it to the first Avatar.

What about you guys? Any anime you suggest I watch?
You need to adopt a trip, OP.
Boku no Pico is actually the top and most popular anime in the world, if you didn't already know.
Wait seriously? What's Boku no Pico about?
I'd say it's pretty similar to DBZ and Hajime no ippo. It's got some pretty manly men in it.
Bible Black is also up there. Its pretty much the original Death Note but has way better twists.
Really? I thought it was more Bible Black inclined with all the dick going about. Funny. What DBZ did you watch as a child?
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>Inb4 more Boku no Pico
>InAfter some Boku no Pico.

If you're serious don't watch that shit.
Legend of Korra is decent at most. But still pretty fun, especially the voice of the narrator.
And personally, I prefer Naruto over Bleach and Ove Piece.
>Pic related, Obito crying over spilled milk.
I find all three pretty terrible honestly. I just haven't the slightest clue of what anime to watch these days, it all just seems shitty and unoriginal. Last anime that I actually enjoyed was either Gurren Lagann or FLCL.
Made a lot of mistakes in that writing, probably not sleeping for 29 hours is no good.
How do you manage that? I begin microsleeping around 20-22 hours in...
Legend of Korra isn't anime
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Now now, let's not become pedantic.

But it is.
I'd recommend you Elfen Lied or Mirai Nikki. Enjoyed the shit out of them
Others I'd recommend are Ecchi-Harem and fanservice. But I bet you don't like those, haha.
It isn't at all, nothing pedantic about that
I've gone through one too many of those lists. It's shit. And what's up with those paint skills? Holy shit.
Mirai Nikki was brilliant, Elfen Lied I'll watch soon. Ecch-Harem ftw! Highschool of the Dead was pretty funny and enjoyable. Saddening at first 'cause I thought it was a seriously apocalyptic anime. Psycho Pass was also good.
I don't know. I've never been good at sleeping, ever since I am a child I've been able to stay up late.
My record is staying up for 56 hours. I literally was seeing black and white dots, though. Would not recommend doing so.
Anime is about stylization, not country of origin.
False by definition, my friend
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Haha what
>Anime is about stylization

No it isn't


Fuck off
Hory shet. I've never hallucinated before aside from once in my childhood. But that's all faint now. Would be fun to hallucinate once or twice again.

You fucks mean to tell me that Hey Arnold isn't an anime? Yeah right, fuck you.

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