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hakkyou daioujou / Hitori Tower Bridge
Is there anything out there that focuses on, or at least features good scenes of, voluntary semen drinking? Bonus points for condom draining.
How many favourites do you have, /a/.
None, I don't need them.
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Oh look, more drama because someone uploaded a magazine early again.

http://exhentai.org/g/666213/ee2904f927/ has a bit
That's something. I'm not a fan of Inuboshi so I haven't seen this yet, thanks.

Wish it was more from the girl's perspective, though, but that's pretty much what I think about everything that isn't.
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I literally read doujins for the plot nowadays

except for my fav artists, I skip the sex scenes as they're way too predictable to even bother.

Is this normal, /a/?
Aren't the plots of hentai also incredibly predictable?
If you skip any of reika's sex scenes, you are missing out. That shit will give you a heart attack mid fap.
some of them have TWEEEESTS in it.
>except for my fav artists, I skip the sex scenes
Isn't this the case for everyone after a while? I can fap either to artists who can draw really erotic pictures, or to things that cater to my fetishes in a major way. It just means you are developing some taste.

As for reading for the plot... there's a couple eromangaka whose works I can do this with, but majority writes worse stories than sex scenes.
Really? Most of the hentai manga I've read seems to have predictable plots, whether it be vanilla or NTR.

Recommend me some hentai manga with interesting plots. Vanilla, if possible.
Is there any doujin where a girl have sex with a fat older guy that isn't NTR?

What, do fat older guys not deserve a loving relationship not built on breaking the hearts of male teenagers and the minds of female ones?
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I got myself a couple of vps to run h@h on. I'm not sure it is actually worth it. At least I'm getting a couple of hath a day.
still waiting to see the mother get fucked, kinda over all that loli shit.
link me some examples if you don't mind, it'll put your theory to test
Are you kidding me? Of course there is, the majority of it is. NTR =/= rape.

There are, but most translators are scared by the fatness.

As for stories like that, you can have these


There's a two-parter in AUN by momoiro manjiru, it's pretty good but again, two parts and fat guy.


Using gook scans just to give an idea. Who knows, maybe Sydin is still lurking around here.

That one was cute.

>coach me with your penis

my sides
What about this legendary one?
Anyone got the long vanilla list?
Anyone playing pandaverse? Just wondering how you guys beat IW and/or Arena on IWBTH difficulty.
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How have I never read that all the way through?

I don't know whether to laugh or become a scat fetishist


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