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So whats the word on Gintama? Was the movie it? Are they going to do anything else?

Do you Gintama?
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The time travel movie had a stupid plot.

The humor was good, but the plot was as fucked up as it could be.

The plot was the least important aspect of the movie.
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Yeah, Time Travel plots are never a good idea, they where doing a pretty good job up until the the second time jump, then thats to me is where it fell apart.

Are they going to keep going with it?

I loved me some adult mode Kagura.
Madoka's time travel plot was alright.

(also, non anime, Samuel Vimes going to the past to teach himself about being himself was great)
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Please. i'm just glad there's more Gintama.
>watching Gintama for the plot
you're doing it wrong
>Samuel Vimes

I enjoyed the movie, but are the continuing with the franchise or are they done with it? I heard they would keep going in the movie did well, which I also heard it did.
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They will. There's lots of chapters that need to be animated.
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Yes, but only thing that matters is if the series show the hire ups if its profitable. Have they said any offical word?
Watch books are the best books
Why would you want to read a book on a watch?
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>Was the movie it?
God I hope not, best Joi is finally getting his own arc and I'd want to see that animated
If you can into moon language, I recommend listening to the DJCDs (basically a web radio on CD) and "Suberanai Hanashi" (DVD bonus (audio-only) that features the main cast chatting about Wakamoto and random stuff in a very relaxed manner) on Niconico.
>best Joi
That's not Zura.
What's the word?

Sister lady have you heard

Sakamoto = Gin = Zura > shit > Takasugi
>Madoka time travel plot
Delusional madokafag pls. Time travel plots can't be alright by definition because time travel involves some paradoxes that you just can't ignore.
So, what was the bad evil paradox in Madoka's time travel plot?

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