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Is Savano the new Yuki Kajiura? One trick pony rehashing own tracks to infinity, liked by newfags and /v/irgins?


>insert KLK song here



He failed to make any good new ost`s since Zombie Loan and Unirorn, just remixing and rehashing things? Why did he write himself into a corner? Why cant he be like Iwasaki or Katou Tatsuya, able to produce original and nice OSTs each time?
Can add Blue Exorcist and Sengoku basara in here as well, same shit.

The only two different OSTs he have is Zombie Loan and Unicorn. Everything else mass produced recycled shit.
Sawano really needs to ditch that shitty vocalist he keeps using.
I`d say Katou is best currently active anime composer.
Sawano is pretty new and very overrated, mostly after Guilty Crown - pretty much like Urobutcher after Madoka.
>Not Shiro Sagisu
He is good but he barely does anything. The only notable are Bleech and NGE.

Meanwhile Katou has OST this very season (Buddy Complex, too bad anime itself is shit)
He's doing Magi right now.

Honestly, my favorite part of the soundtrack of this season's Magi is the sick 90's guitar riffs. It's so cheezy but really makes me enjoy the action scenes.
Magi ost, at least in 1st cour was horrible. Mismatched, inproperly used, sounding either generic or hurting ears. Hardly anything to praise for, though maybe its fault of sound directors using it improperly.

In some cases, like fore example Sindbad`s city ost, i wondered if i downloaded troll version with changed audio.
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The first season was all sorts of fucked up with them running out of budget in the end and going full ORIGINAL CONTENT DO NOT STEAL. This season quickly tried to brush that off and is doing a lot better, and I feel the sound directing got a lot better. It's even got a villain with that isn't just evil for the sake of evil, which is super refreshing with shonen.

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