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Explain to me how this isn't just more generic haremshit and why I should watch it.
No seriously, please do. I want to see more Megu but holy shit this show is just so fucking dull it feels like a chore to watch.
Didn't even feel like harem to me. He seemed more like a plaything then an object of admiration to me, and his reactions matched perfectly.

It's a comedy so watch it to smile or don't watch it at all.
Because it's good haremshit.
He just seems like a massive beta with little personality made for the sake of self-inserting.
It's not haremshit because the male protagonist actually has a personality.
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Generic haremshit never has MC become best girl.
Honestly, that's a large part of why I liked it. As >>101070535 says, though, it's not a harem. The characters are merely intimate friends. There's no sense of competition or rivalry; everyone just gets along. It creates a relaxing atmosphere you won't find in most other non-iyashikei SoL shows. Which it needs because the gags don't have a whole lot of impact.
But yeah, comfy. If you're not feeling comfy then it's just not going to work out.

A case could be made for NouCome.

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