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... is a Yajima chapter. (Genshiken Nidaime Chapter 96 raws are out.)

God damn it if I wanted to look at fat ugly women I'd look outside my window.

Sigh... Genshiken (Nidaime lamentions) thread?
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From another board:

<<<<<<< this part of the cover is the only thing that makes me happy in this chapter.
95's still not translated, right?
Sue chapter when?
Yajima might be ugly, but she's still moe. So insecure and defenseless.

And anyway, I'm also seeing plenty of Yoshitake and Ohno in these raws.

I fear never
manga would be better off w/o hato imo
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Hato confirmed for winning.
That's Keiko, not Hato.

Nope, its Hato. He went back to his original wig.
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It's also partly an Ohno chapter. Or at least, she's actually in it this time.

Recap: Ohno tells the girls that she was thinking of cutting off her hair. Because she can only ever cosplay characters with long black hair, and so many characters in the recent shows have colorful hair.

Yoshitake asks Ohno where she goes to get her hair done, and then suggests that she and Yajima go too. Her plan is to give Yajima a total make-over. Yajima refuses, saying that she's happy just getting a cheap haircut from a 1000 yen barber shop. After some arguing Yoshitake ups the ante and says then they'll invite Saki along and go to a really high class salon.

Ohno reminds them that since it's right after Winter Comiket, they're all broke. But she makes a deal that after a month or two, when they save up, she'll muster up the courage to cut off her hair, and so Yajima should also be brave and be willing to change.

At the end of the chapter the make-over plan is put on hold when it's revealed that Yoshitake and Ohno both impulsively pre-ordered the water polo anime BD disc, and are once again too broke to go to a salon.
Thank you for the summary anon. So is OP's image supposed to be a made over Yajima?
Fuck, Kio isn't even trying to appeal to guys any more.

What the hell, I don't care about this shit. GIVE ME BACK MY OLD GENSHIKEN
It's what Yajima imagines her make-over to be.
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>Yajima chapter

Kill me.
File: 1378708859388.jpg (131.83 KB, 528x636)
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I'm a guy and it appeals to me.
Does Hato find a new apartment at the end of the chapter?
File: 59-004.png (420.73 KB, 1097x1600)
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420.73 KB PNG
I like Yajima a ton. She's the only one of the new characters that actually fits Genshiken.

Sure, I was put off at first because she's a fatty, but she turned out to be an interesting character.

If you want cute girls doing cute things maybe Genshiken isn't the series for you.

(also, there's NOTHING worse than a Hato chapter)
I want average guys doing nerdy guy things.

The fact that I'm not getting this in a supposedly more-or-less realistic manga about a college nerd club is astonishing.
Sounds like a fun chapter

I love hato chapters
I actually don't mind Yajima getting a chapter.

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