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File: 1.jpg (151.03 KB, 850x1086)
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151.03 KB JPG
>lick cirno's asshole
>pretend the unwiped poop is chocolate ice cream
>face fused to cirno's feces caked ass
>congealed shit melts into my mouth and smears into my clothing
>it's not chocolate ice cream
File: 2.jpg (292.86 KB, 750x750)
292.86 KB
292.86 KB JPG
>cirno announces that she has to poop
>her frosted, quivering asshole opens with my lips still attatched
>a cool, pungent log glides into my mouth
>farts adorably after she passes it
>it is totally encased in ice
>cannot chew or swallow it
>forced to consume it slowly in slurry form as it gradually melts
Go back to your containment board.

File: 3.jpg (291.71 KB, 800x1132)
291.71 KB
291.71 KB JPG
>mouth full of cirno's liquidized feces
>she releases a few airy farts that disturb the mixture
>tongue comes into contact with a few solid, bitter pieces that float aimlessly
>the slurry laps the cusp of my numb lips
>a couple streams of poop trickle from my mouth and decorate cirno's dress
>cirno punishes me with a firm slap and a loud, bubbly fart
>I sense a cold radiating from what I assume are newly expelled fragments of shit
>cirno cracks a cryptic anime smile
/jp/ pls
/jp/ pls continue

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