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*spoilers (potentially huge)*
-Ok, so as many know, Attack on Titian is filled with foreshadowing. SO much so that a re watch is almost a necessity. This necessity drove me to rewatch the series, but not 10 minutes in did I have an epiphany.
-At the start of the episode, after the opening, Errin is woken by Mikasa in a field after a nightmare consisting of images of the impending catastrophe (as well as other images that we are still unable to put meaning behind including one of a extravagant uniform and another of toys a wealthy child would own). With the manga beginning to explore the royal family and leaderships of the nation, I image the later images are foreshadows of event to come.
-This is where things get complicated; Why would Errin have this intense precognitive dream, which he forgets in moments? In fact, he says "It just feels like I had this really long dream or something....what was it about?.....I cant remember"
-Now for the important parts; when Errin was sent to retake the Trost district he lost consciousness as well as control of his actions when he transformed by the boulder. While unconscious he has a vivid dream of being cozy at home with his parents. And even when Armin tried to wake him he refused to go; subconsciously he preferred this place where his family was still intact (believing it was reality).
-Now time to put it all together. Imagine near the end of the series everything is going to shit, people dieing left and right, Errin is probably fighting a "yet to be revealed" enemy with Mikasa and Aramin. The fight starts going badly and Errin is about to be killed and ,in an act to self sacrafice, Mikasa dies protecting him. This event shock Errin into the subconscious rage state he went into durring the raid on Trost and fighting Annie. With his sole desire most likely wishing none of this ever happened, he is set into a dream before the titans attacked, with the first thing he see's being the person he just lost, Mikasa.
>not Eren supposedly getting kill while Mikasa witnesses it
>Mikasa not igniting some hidden hybrid titan power
>typing this many words about a lame show
You probably have a point though.
Ultra lame
meh. I thought something along the same lines OP. Time-travel, whatever. I hope it isn't true though and just him having some memory loss due to injections from Grisha

so he's dreaming about the things that happens at the end of the story, then wakes up at the begining of the story, doesn't that make like a giant loop?
>The basement is a time-machine
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