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It's a calm spring Thursday. The last episode of Kill la Kill is slated to come out soon. Fans everywhere are awaiting closure.

The hype train goes out of control. "The show can't still continue to get better, can it?" asks an unwitting internet denizen. "This show is going to have such a shit ending I'm calling it now" cries another ignorant cad.

The clock on all the streaming sites counts down as entire nations grip their seats. Stock markets close for a half hour to witness the ending of the anime that saved anime.


The screen flickers, but something is off. It's a live feed of a plane circling Tokyo bay. This isn't anime! Suddenly, a brilliant flash floods the screen. To the tune of ear-splitting dramatic cello music, the form of Honnouji academy begins to rise from the depths of the bay, overshadowing Tokyo Sky Tree and rivalling the silhouette of Mount Fuji. Students in gokuseifuku begin flooding all government institutions and forcing martial law under their command. As Imaishi and Nakashima laugh maniacally, Kiryuuin Satsuki appears on screen. "DID YOU PIGS IN HUMAN CLOTHING EXPECT ANY LESS OF A CLIMAX?!" She yells.

Based Studio Trigger has linked the 2D world to the 3D world. Science is moot. Religions have crumbled. All is naught under the rule of Honnouji. Obama bows before our rightful anime overlords.
So... Kill La Kill thread?
File: 1390699647507.gif (459.62 KB, 360x560)
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459.62 KB GIF
My god... Y-You've done it.

You've made me fall in love with you with a single post, /a/non.
then you wake up
Can I kiss my waifu now?
I wish Satsuki-chan was real, she's way too cute
I can live with this.
File: 1390791236658.gif (864.69 KB, 480x270)
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864.69 KB GIF
Something about her in the last episode made her look cute__
Better than some shit ending involving Ryuuko.

She did look a little different.
Same with last episode.
How does Ragyou fighting will be? Fabulous projectile attacks?
File: 1390163442711.jpg (75.47 KB, 500x500)
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75.47 KB JPG
>Implying there wouldn't be an immediate mission launched to rescue Takaradical and recapture Osaka
File: 1376818956655.jpg (669.26 KB, 1920x1080)
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I can't wait any longer.

I honestly want Satsuki to just get her ass kicked at this point.

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