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The newest Carat is out today but Hidamari is taking a break this month.

Ume is really sorry and wishes you all Happy New Year (even though it's really late). She also broke her computer right after the year changed, and while it's getting repaired she has to use a new computer with Win8. She says she's having a hard time getting used to using that.

She also had drawn something before her computer broke down. It's late but congratulations and eternal happiness to Kana Asumi!
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So I guess Yuno really did mature before Yoshinoya.
New chapters of Tetsuga Kooni after the final energy state has set in.
Is Hidamari a good show to expose one's imouto to anime?
She's 16 years old, and pretty open to other things I'm interested in. I got her into Dark Souls and MtG without too much trouble, but I haven't really tried to show her any animu.
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I still think it would've been kinda cool if she had drawn a wideface Asumis.

I don't think she has even mentioned it in months.

Wait, unless I'm mistaken, the last time she said anything about it was in 2012 ("I'm sorry, but please just keep waiting").
I don't know, it's mostly meant for nerds after all. Are you sure she would enjoy a show where nothing ever happens?

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