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File: th' king.png (594.01 KB, 694x692)
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I think we can all agree what the best ghibli film is out there.

hint: it's The cat returns
I think that's one of the worst, actually. I remember it being really generic compared to most of their other stuff.
Fool. This isnt a ghibli film.
Whisper of the Heart was the best.

So good the guy behind it was murdered by Ghibli for fear of him usurping the studio
I like you
I like you alot
Fucking this
There was nothing that made me say "Wow this is a visual pleasure"
The characters weren't interesting ESPECIALLY the heroine
And the overall plot is just bad.
>Not Kiki's Delivery Service

Speaking of which, I hope the live-action version isn't shit.
I remember hearing somewhere that The Cat Returns is simply a story written by the main heroine of Whisper of the Heart (I have not seen the latter, so if I am thinking of the wrong movie then disregard my cock filled mouth).
Just look at her, /a/. Doesn't she just scream "Best Ghibli movie"?
>live action
Tell me that`s a lie
And if it isn`t, please say its jap in origin
Fuck the americans
She screams "Best girl to stick my dick in", but not necessarily the best movie.

>Fuck the Americans

I'm not a fan of most American adaptions, but wouldn't it make more sense for American (or Europeans) actors in that European environment that Kiki takes place in instead of Japanese actors? Sauce for the live-action, by the way:

I don`t care about the actors, I just care about the americans fucking with the film.
They don`t exactly have a good track record when dealing with japanese stories or characters.
File: 10.jpg (540.51 KB, 900x655)
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To be fair, it's not just Americans. Chinese, Koreans, really I think any country doing another country's work isn't always the best. The X-Men anime comes to mind.
File: bastet_from_behind.jpg (521.61 KB, 1320x2000)
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After watching so many fucking anime shows, movies, OAVs, WAVs, etc

Ghibli is most likely the worst anime studio, though I wish it was Bones. Christ, I can't stand any of their shows.

Is Ghibli only floating in dosh because amerifats like their little kid fantasy movies?
confirmed for massive tumblr cunt.
Tell me, /a/, when will you get yourself a plane full of lolis?
File: cat.gif (2.55 MB, 320x168)
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File: missclavel.jpg (11.55 KB, 480x360)
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Something is not right! Where did Madeline and the other girls go! I hope they didn't go to that SWINE's plane!
i remember the director Bokurano wrote this and Reiko Yoshida did the script
The movie was alright, but the manga is honestly one of my favorites of all time.

>Anno will never a version of the Nausicca himself
A damn shame. I would love to see what he would do with it.
File: effuumiku.gif (981.10 KB, 500x281)
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nope.swf, I made the file name because I can change the name when I download pictures.

It's my elite skills as a multi-computer platform hacker.
Ghibili still is shit tierd studio only capable of wowing American toddlers. Ghibili's only compeition is Telle Tubbies tbh

u mad?
File: confusedyuu.gif (71.60 KB, 465x338)
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Hayao Miyazaki presents Studio Ghibli's:

What would you want, /a/? Personally, I'd love to see his take on the Great Gatsby.

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