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>I thought this said NEPLEG for the longest time Still think it every time I see something related to One Piece.
This is kinda related to one piece, but I have so much trouble realizing the exact wording in song lyrics. In the 4kids OP opening for example, I could never understand what the fuck they were rapping about without subtitles. Has subbed anime ruined my ears?
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lel I used to think the 'D' in Disney was a backwards G, and would wonder why thy would o that and not use a D...

Pic almost related.
This was actually one of the first SBS answers Oda answered.

D: Nice to meet you, Oda-sensei! I love the manga you draw, "NEP ECE".

O: RRRRRRgh! Damn!! ...I love it when boys and girls mis-read and omit the letters like that. Makes me wonder if anyone can read those weird letters. I'm sorry for making the "O" and "I" in the title logo pictures and not simple letters. It's correctly spelled "ONE PIECE". Remember that if you have the time.
How could you even think that? It's designed so the brain interprets them as letters.
Maybe you're a bit retarded.
I used to think dragon ball was made as a prequel to Z because that's how it aired on toonami

Not him but I couldn't make anything out of it at first either. I knew the series was pronounced "wan pees", but I thought you'd write it "One Peace" so I really wondered what those weird signs were supposed to mean
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i thought that it was ONE PEC as a kid. god i was retarded

I thought it said NEPEC
are you me?
I thought Stingmon was BlackWarGreymon.

I was desperate for that episode.
I used to think manga was based on anime, and not the other way around.
I used to think anime was made by Americans.

With the way they butchered DBZ, Digimon, BeyBlade, Yu-Gi-Oh etc, you'd be forgiven
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I thought senzu beans were a real kind of bean and Shonen Jump actually used them in their ink.

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