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i have a question /a/

there's always a couple ideas in write your own plot threads that are exceptional, and /a/ is in no shortage of drawfags

why haven't we made a LN magazine yet?
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Because drawfags hardly ever want to participate and draw shit for an /a/ project. And because most of these projects never get finished.
Because no one really cares that much.
Because /a/ is a bunch of lazy motherfuckers.

That said, I wouldn't mind writing for one.
I know that feeling...

How about it guys...? Why don't we give an idea like this a chance? A little LN magazine by some good writefags wouldn't be all that hard. It'd be fun~
Heh, I was actually trying to see if someone else would do it instead...I wish I could organize it. But I'm already working on my own project as it is. Not to say I wouldn't participate were it to come to fruition.

Besides, we wouldn't have to actually get it published. Make it an internet magazine or something like that. Just for fun, you know? Release it on /a/ every other week.
Well, then. I suppose I could do it, but it seems like a recipe for disaster.
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I think it's a good idea, but I'd want it to be good.

Everyone should have decent standards, and there should be a few people who take it seriously.
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Maybe this might encourage me to pick up drawing again.
No writefag project /a/ did has ever gotten off the ground.
/a/ projects never get finished (let alone started) because everyone wants to put in their two cents. There gets to be too many ideas floating around and the artists/writers struggle to sift through the shit and incorporate the good ideas. For an /a/ project to get off the ground here is what needs to happen:
1) A group of like-minded individuals must agree to work together. They would meet on /a/ but continue to communicate by email.
2) As a group they must decide on an idea.
3) Jobs will be assigned and short-term deadlines will be set.
3a) One or two leaders will pester the shit out of who ever does not meet deadlines.

Take note that step 2 takes place after step 1. This is where most projects fail. The formation of the group needs to happen first because they need to be able to place even an iota of trust before putting in any effort to creating a great idea.
I could volunteer as a drawfag.

I don't think anyone likes me, though.
Why don't we make an interactive book? I'm down for that.

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