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Shipping thread?
>tfw it's going to turn out just like TTGL wherein first to kiss = first to die
I ship Gamagoori with my penis.
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File: 41081759_p0.jpg (269.85 KB, 600x830)
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Nothing beats it.
Hell no
b-but monkey belongs to Ryuuko...!
File: 40733631.jpg (198.84 KB, 686x800)
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Not anymore.
I think this is one of the best crack ships I've seen in ages.
>yfw Mako will never be your BFF
>yfw when Gamagori will never be your hasubndo
Truly life is suffering ;_;
>tfw there will never be any Takarada-on-Ragyo doujinshi

I sympathize.

hey guys
help a guy out
what's the song that plays at the 5 minute mark?
it's all piano-y and stuff and really sweet but i can't find it on the ost?
I think it's going to be on OST 2.
yea i've been digging around for awhile now and that's the only answer i can find

thanks anyway~
Extended preview when?
File: 1387752422249.jpg (201.86 KB, 1000x1051)
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Is there really anyone left who believes that is possible? Ryuuko has talked more to Gama than to Monkey and we have 11 episodes left.
The only major characters Ryuuko interacts with regularly are Mako and Senketsu.

Then it is either Aikurou or Satsuki. And with Satsuki it is mostly yelling from afar or while figthing and Ryuuko has been avoiding Sensei since he mentioned Nudisto Beeeach.

Yesterday, slow-kun.
The final episode will end with Mako and Gama getting married. Mako, in her 2 Star uniform will carry Gama out the chapel.
File: makentsu.png (466.17 KB, 538x504)
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466.17 KB PNG
Everyone knows that Gama likes Mako for being strong in many ways, but how will Mako end up reciprocating those feelings with Gama? He scares the shit out of her when she isn't standing up to him.
File: 40349202_p6.jpg (300.21 KB, 613x658)
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First super-nervous Gamagoori needs to go to the Mankanshokus' tiny house to ultra-formally ask for Mako's hand in marriage, though. You know he'd insist on doing that.

I wish there was some One-Star Mako fanart. That uniform looked really cute on her.
>Gama shows up in his massive form
>Massive Gama eating at the little round table with the family
File: 1386902438151.jpg (709.07 KB, 1200x847)
709.07 KB
709.07 KB JPG
the closest thing I had
File: 40299235_p1.jpg (117.66 KB, 800x591)
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117.66 KB JPG
>later in the evening he's drinking with Mako's dad (Gama just has warm milk) who decides it's time for heart-to-heart MAN TALK
>proceeds to give Gama very graphic advice on how to overcome the physical difference in bed like he did with his wife
>"Sir, although I appreciate your wholehearted support for my union with your daughter, PLEASE STOP"
>Matarou: "yeah pops enough you know he's already totally banged her on the regular"
>blushing Gamagoori breaks half the furnishings in his desperate attempt to get out of there
File: 1390322831278.jpg (161.11 KB, 896x768)
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161.11 KB JPG
he can hear everything
>Gama busts into the Mankanshoku house in giant-mode, face red from ear to ear
>Meanwhile her father is cowering in a corner
File: 1390596665721.gif (2.23 MB, 400x230)
2.23 MB
2.23 MB GIF
I kind of want to see the doujinshi that are going to result from this.

You know, for research purposes.
File: 1362461307757.png (345.83 KB, 600x580)
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345.83 KB PNG
edit with this where?
It's not a ship, it's a canon
File: 1390702200619.gif (85.42 KB, 500x500)
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85.42 KB GIF
Now you have me thinking about Gamagoori's cannon.

Good thing Mako is so stretchy.
This fucking show.

I'm reaching critical shipperload over here.
File: 40562787.png (1.22 MB, 1300x1024)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB PNG
But I thought every KlK thread was the shipping thread.
Isn't Mako the kind of student that Gama should hate?

Greedy, Lazy, Stupid, Unmotivated, and Rude?
Why did the artist make him white? It's bothering me I can't enjoy the adorableness if its wrong... ;-;
Opposites attract.
She's a girl so she gets a free pass.
File: 40264227_p3.jpg (35.15 KB, 429x600)
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35.15 KB JPG
Gamagoori the best
Take me roughly please
File: 39129021.jpg (138.11 KB, 900x720)
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138.11 KB JPG
File: 41214450_big_p0.png (329.29 KB, 1249x1053)
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329.29 KB PNG
He's still a bit darker than Mako.

Maybe the bancho uniform provides superior sun protection and he's starting to lose the tan.
What is with people's fascination of shipping Gamagoori with small things?
File: 1390864067948.gif (405.54 KB, 333x400)
405.54 KB
405.54 KB GIF
damn son
File: image.jpg (78.51 KB, 326x960)
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78.51 KB JPG
File: 41214161_m.jpg (80.40 KB, 450x500)
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80.40 KB JPG
These pictures are amazing, but part of me wishes some of them had incredibly-over-it Satsuki as Satsuki too.

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