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Gonna start reading Berserk, but I'm supposed to avoid the Hawks scanlation correct? Where can I find the good one?
whelcome aboard to the endless boat.
I really want to understand you, so could you point me in the right direction?
Not him but Darkhorse scans. You're now set. Enjoy your stay. After the Eclipse part, you shuld take a break with Gigantomaxia
Thank you so much!
Word of advice - Take your time.

Or actually, no, doing it at your own pace might still be too fast. Just read it very slowly.
Hawks is good enough to understand everything
> clever enough to lurk around for a while to get basic information
> still makes retarded thread with completely retarded question

Also, Dark Horse just reprinted all volumes so you can get them at regular prizes. Buy the shit.
You should read the lost chapter (83 - God of the Abyss) while you're going through it your first time, not separate or out of order. In my opinion, it doesn't give away anything that you couldn't figure out yourself anyway, but serves as a nice reinforcement that tells the reader the author knows what he's doing.
>Buying manga or anime
Berserk is a special case.
Read one chapter every six months. Which is roughly how often it used to be released before the indefinite hiatus. We'll still be on the boat
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Damn these Berserk threads! Reminding me about how much i hate boats
I started reading it recently, too. DH official scans only go so far, so prepare to read hawk nonetheless. They suck even after 26 volumes. Don't even use the official names until Miura puts them in the goddamn volume, and even then they do so while insulting him for shoddy transliteration. Awful
I've read 20 volumes of Berserk in less than a week. I feel I could reach volume 37 in a few days if I tried.

Then what. The last volume was almost a year ago. The author used to release two volumes a year. When is this shit gonna end. I'm gonna go into fucking withdrawal after reading this shit so much.
I've read it all in 4 days. Shit's addictive,yo.
>When is this shit gonna end.
~volume 40
So 5-10 years, okay.
Is the scans version on baka good enough.
I just want this fucking manga to end and to see Griffith suffering, all his limbs amputated, in a pool of his own blood and feces with no bandages. That's all that keeps me reading.

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