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Can we have a thread about making time to watch anime. And how does it feel to know that there are so many anime you still want to watch but you just can't make time for it.

Today I looked at my plan to watch list and I have so many anime that I want to watch. From oldies to newer ones. Every season, new anime are aired and I can't keep up with everything. How do you deal with this? It is driving me insane. I just started watching 5 new anime, and my current watching list exists of 10 anime. But I can't finish any anime this way, because I keep adding more, I stop watching the series I was already watching and than move them to my plan to watch list again.

I was thinking of watching a few similar animes in theme or genre. Like having a current watching list with Serial Experiments Lain, Psycho-Pass and Ergo Proxy. Or Princess Tutu, Sailormoon and Card captor Sakura. I think this will work for me. I was also thinking of finished the <12 episodes on my plan to watch list first. Or just watch one anime at once.
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Watch anime.

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