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Also favorite part
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>Also favorite part

Phantom Blood
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Vento aureo
Part 2 is the right answer
Animefags or something?
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Uhm, no? I own all the volumes from Phantom Blood to SBR.
there's one with 50 posts literally above yours, and another one about stands that's about to hit autosage
>favorite part

I'm stuck between 4 and 5. Both are fantastic.

Also, while we are talking about JoJo, I have a question.

How did you feel when Will A. Zeppeli died?
Stated this in the other thread that Stardust is basically Japanese Dracula, now let's try and match up.

Dio is obviously Dracula because he's the entity a group of strangers band together to destroy.

Joseph is Jonathan Harker, they are both in the real estate business, it's mentioned Joseph made a monopoly selling houses while Harker is responsible for Dracula getting a house in England.

Holly is Minna Harker, she is the sole reason the group set out across Europe and travel around the world to kill Dio/Dracula they both have a very short time limit to kill them due to illness being inflicted on them, Minna was bitten and Holly nearly died due to her Stand developing.

Abraham Van Helsing is a hard one to place, not sure who he could be.

Abdel is Jack Seward

Polnaref is Quincy Morris

Dio's little Chinese servant he had in Phantom Blood is his Renfield.
Joseph and Jonathan are now switched protagonists, how would Phantom Blood and Battle Tendency be different?

I think Joseph would've given Dio a run for his money since he's clearly a more powerful ripple user than Jonathan.

Jonathan probably would've made some noble sacrifice against the Pillar Men or taking Caesar's place.
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It felt like a punch to the gut, and it was one of the worst deaths in the series
I actually wasn't that much sadden by his death since it was told when he would die
favorite part:


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