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So, a lot of us here hate dubs, even the few excellent ones, (FMA, Cowboy Bebo, Gurren Lagann, Bucanno, FLCL, Space Dandy Etc,) While A few of us enjoy the good ones, as it let's you take in the art a little more, and maybe notice a little detail you missed. So my question is, would you dub enjoyers, (and haters, why not), prefer them more or less if they had OP's and ED's done like this instead? (also, dub/OP/ED favorites thread)






Looking for Honesty opinions here, do you think they would help bring in a bigger audience, or spoil your "sekret club"?
Fandubbing OPsEDs should be punished by death.
there's literally no point in dubbing op/ed as long as you put the translation there its unnecessary
unless the anime is aimed at children that cant read.
See: I have nothing against actual dubs. I mean yeah, the majority of them are fucking trash, but I think there are some decent, good, or even great dubs out there. You just gotta try giving them a chance, or decide depending on who's dubbing it. FUNi has done their share of good and shit dubs, and so has Bang Zoom.
Fandubs on the other hand are an absolute disgrace. Not a single fandubber has a since ion of talent.
Would you dub enjoyers, (and haters, why not), prefer them more or less if they had OP's and ED's done like this instead?

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>dubbing OPs and EDs
>fandubbing OPs and EDs
Oh hell no.

Go back to MAL, tumblr or whatever else shithole you crawled out of.
I have a strong feeling OP did these covers. Please kill yourself immediately
No. Matching a Japanese song's cadence and pitch with English words is almost always horrible. Language doesn't work like that.
In other words, you only watch dubs if they use confirmed failed actors.
Ghibli dubs use A-list actors. I like those.
Well you're right, that's an exception.
Fuck off, Sapphire.

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