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Hey hey 人間 fuckers--

anyone know where i can get good quality death note volume RAWs? I remember getting them ages ago from TownL, but that seems to be dead..
google motherfucker. do you know it?

and i shall strike down any of those who try to refer me to a place i've been scouting for the past half hour. (OP here)

less then one minute on Google

hurrr dead torrents hurrr
Then it doesn't exist.
The got lurk? ones aren't good enough for you?

what the hell are you talking about?

--it's weird why RAW manga is so hard to find. Those fags at narutofan want to make you pay for manga they've stolen ... and anywhere else's last activity was in like 2006.. Mind you, I am searching for english pages. . anyone know any jap sites that offer nice tankoubon scans?
It isn't hard to find. You just suck at it.

You also suck at picking up on clues, apparently.

well hurr im a newfag to IRC .. so the process of obtaining the manga from that site you 'gave me' wasn't so blinkingly obvious as it may seem to some other people. Direct download isn't a bad thing, it's expensive, but torrents and megaupload links die
no really how the hell do i use IRC and gotlurk .. somehow putting two and two together to = manga ?
I have them. I got them from Share. Want? It'll be a long time though because it's like 800 mb in total I think.
The raws I have are directly from the Japanese volumes, so no shitty quality.
Read the fucking FAQ.
In the hour and a half between your posts you could've figured it out.

1) download mirc
2) connect to irchighway (/server irc.irchighway.net)
3) register a nick (/msg nickserv help register)
4) identify yourself (/msg nickserv identify password)
5) join lurk (/join #lurk)
6) using the bot pack lists on the site:
/msg <bot> xdcc get #<pack number> (hint [UR]Dan is the raws bot

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