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>Haganai Film Director: Never Saw Anime, Did Not Show it to Cast Members

So theres no reason to watch this now is there?

Unless you read the LNs. But anime fans will be alienated right?
That white haired girl is cute.
Kodaka looks like his own trap.
File: image.jpg (135.40 KB, 1276x720)
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>Watching Haganai
>At all
But will it beat the grandaddy of all haganai live actions?
Couldn't be any worse than season 2.
Normalfag fans of the series and LN only fans exist in the LN world. Im no fan of live action movie adaptions but for one to be adapted from the anime would be an insult to the source material.
File: 1363966813506.png (89.75 KB, 346x409)
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That was a fun experience.
It could easily be much worse.
Goro's Sena looks better already
File: 1363334702175.png (67.31 KB, 349x642)
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I just hope they get up to the nandate scene
File: 1358547958022.jpg (15.11 KB, 238x279)
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>Kodai's sister, Sena, Maria and Maria's sister all look Japanese and have black hair
Why would they make an adaptation of an adaptation? It's actually a good thing that they're using the source material.

Not that this is going to be good either way.
I forgot how normal these threads became.

I swear senas mammaries just attract the whole sea of horny newfags.
File: sigh.jpg (55.03 KB, 479x317)
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>being an anime-only pleb
To be fair in this specific case the bastardization of characters was overall kept to a minimum when compared to other LN series. You wouldnt get much out of reading instead of wathing asside from a little bit more insight.
File: Hgn7_000.jpg (628.90 KB, 1180x1595)
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So, they didn't even look at the LN covers?
>reading LNs at all
I remember how LNfags always told me to read the LN for DAL and how it was sooo much better than the anime and then I read the LN and it was still shit. I realized that LNfags have pretty bad taste that day.
The only instance of me seeing "lol anime-only" and having validity is for Monogatari. Mostly because Shaft's scheduling fuck-ups. Aside from that, a load of details are omitted. I don't pay mind to people who parade around because they read, or more because you didn't read, a generic comedy/harem LN.
Too bad she can't act
File: ph06.jpg (23.54 KB, 220x229)
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23.54 KB JPG
kobato is a qt3.14
File: ph07.jpg (22.92 KB, 220x229)
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maria is not though.
That's how she's suppose to appear right?

What do the light novels say?

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