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I know most of you all must have seen this anime, and you probably cried too. it doesn't matter if you didn't.

i feel like crying, but not for long i guess.

if it wasn't for /a/ i'd never have the chance of watching this priceless show.

thank you all.

best anime i've seen so far.

>today i will imply that nagisa is best waifu.

gather here for the ultimate feels thread.
I want to report this, but I'll feel bad for OP...
that was enough empathy for me anon. do it.
>having kids when you just graduated school
Yeah totally not retarded decision

Oh boy, /a/ hates that word as its associated with KS
Prepare to get your thread reported and deleted in no time
I liked Nagisa

But I liked Kyou more
The flower field scene is one of the best and most well written scenes in all of anime.

Only massive plebs prefer nagisas death.
The VN is way better
File: you-ungrateful-shit.png (28.87 KB, 485x432)
28.87 KB
28.87 KB PNG
Because it's a shitty term that only "Boohoo, I am depressed" faggots from /v/ and /b/ use.
No one, and I mean NO ONE on /a/ gives a flying fuck about what scenes you cry from.
Keep this shit on your own boards, this is not anime, this is blogging.

The makers of these kinds of threads doesn't know what "lurk more" means.

Not with that miserable translation
At least he didn't make a >tfw no qt3.14 tranny dickslut cumbucket gf-thread,

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