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After killing Kaworu-kun, Shinji is in a depressed state and masturbates over Asuka's comatose body. He sulks in a corner somewhere then Mi-mi-mi-misato-san saves him and drags him around. Just as Misato-san is about to get shot, Kaji-san appears and saves them, because Kaji never died--he's the one that shot the assassin! Kaji-san gives the talk to Shinji and motivates him to do something again, giving him exactly the words Shinji needs to do something again, like what happened in the watermelon patch. Shinji-kun realizes that Kaji-san represents the true father figure he always wanted and pilots Eva01, destroys the rest of the Eva series and saves Asuka before she gets owned.

Misato-san, Kaji, Maya, Asuka, and Shinji escape NERV and form 'Wunder'. Kaji has a plan to take down SEELE and NERV, Misato knows the truth, Asuka has her new found strength, Shinji has a new purpose, Maya is now head of science, and Rei is Rei.

SEELE is like 'we had enough of this shit' and they build their own Eva's where THEY are the pilots. Asuka and Shinji pilot their Eva's to defeat SEELE and each SEELE is more powerful than the last and they have to travel around the world to defeat their headquarters. Shinji eventually reconnects with Rei to find her 'identity'. Class-rep, Touji, and glasses eventually become Eva pilots too to help Wunder's cause, and Touji's sister becomes part of Wunder's science division staff. They're all friends now and they have silly random moments, and some conflicts too, but they always come to understanding at the end and there's always a mission.

The last shop is them rushing into battle to fight the 9th SEELE Eva, knowing that they have a tough time ahead of them and many more battles ahead, but their determination and friendship will always overcome any odds. THE END.
Good job making the series shit.
All we needed was for their lips to touch.

Does Penpen come back to be the series mascot?
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>you are now aware this would have happened if Anno was a normalfag just like you, and Evangelion would have been shit
There's a reason I hate fix fics
5 years later Anno caves in to fan backlash about the happy ending and decides to remake again.
People don't backlash over happy endings, only shitty ones.

So it fits with the rest of the Eva endings then?
Of course, doesn't mean a happy ending for EVA isn't a nice thing though
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Maybe 4.0 will fix everything.

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