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opinions on kenichi?
Should just turn into porn already. Might as well. Doesn't have anything else going for it anymore
Stopped being good after tournament arc
Had potential and was even entertaining for a while
eventually got boring though and is good for nothing except fanservice. I wish this was cancelled and Veritas kept going instead.
File: 1356025277308.jpg (37.60 KB, 720x480)
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this, to the word
I used to read it but then the translations turned to complete shit and I couldn't be bothered anymore.
Beat me to it
Veritas was the shit :(
Any word on the sequel?
>History's strongest fanservice
File: Butt.jpg (16.93 KB, 169x250)
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>watched the anime
>enjoyed it
>would watch more
>just started following the manga, not gonna bother catching up
>it's a bit of fun and has much ass

I remember enjoying watching Kenichi's thought process throughout a fight.
Strategically overcoming people was interesting.
It is the most fucked up manga I could name that is being published right now.

Besides that, the idea that the story is suposedly about martial arts is a gigantic insult to their very concept.

Also I don't know if the author expects people to feel any sort of tension when the masters are in battle, but if he does, he's a grade A retard.
File: 14_15.jpg (178.94 KB, 1456x1063)
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I read it only for Shigure and occasional Kenichi appearances.
File: 1282242477070.jpg (81.84 KB, 735x708)
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When's the last time china-chick appeared?
its fun, and Shigure is hot
File: 1279826385031.jpg (140.68 KB, 750x1170)
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File: 1279826828935.png (261.29 KB, 857x1200)
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saddly this, I still have some sentiment to the manga but last few chapter is nothing but tits'n'shit
File: 1282238276995.png (1.33 MB, 1768x1300)
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File: 1346522279617.jpg (292.81 KB, 983x723)
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> the idea that the story is suposedly about martial arts is a gigantic insult to their very concept

pls elaborate
Ah, Renka-chan.
I could bet she wouldn't mind sharing Kenichi with Shigure.
I hnnng'ed hard after she started looking at him more "romantically" for the first time... was it after the fight with Edward Katanahand? That was when Kenichi was trying to heal his fobia of dying after that Muay Boran guy killed him.

Either way - I almost died when Kenichi wanted to help her with the forge and she was all embarrassed.

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