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>professional gunpla builder
>gunpla battle 2nd runner up champion
>owns a hobby shop
>have a bombshell wife
>have a son he can be proud of

Man, talk about living the dream
File: 40228145.jpg (1.19 MB, 1447x2047)
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>0079 backreference but with a useful gift from the father
>Fran appearing amongst the reporters
>Beginning Gundam appearing
>all that happy Aila
>Reiji x Aila tag team
God damn glorious.

>living the dream
He gets back home to give his wife the G, and she's gone when he gets there. I'm not sure it's all that great.
Who the fuck cares about beginning gundam?
Obviously he does and all the people that bought the kit.
He was glorious. As goofy and manchild like as we were all hoping he'd be.

Yeah, I really liked that 0079 referance in the beginning, although Sei's dream becomes kind of gay as it goes on.
>kind of gay
Where's that GIF of Char floating over when I need it

Beginning Gundam is a pretty awesome design, sure "it's a Gundam" but I like the shape of it. Also watching it battle against the Hi-Nu in the OVAs was great.
Anyone else disappointed the beard was fake?
I know I was. I was hoping him to be full-hobo because of all the traveling, was disappointed it was just a disguise.

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