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Did everyone drop UQ Holder?
MS release anyway.
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No, we are just waiting for chapter 100, so we can start combing for the shipping war.
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>Come at me bro!
MS pls.
I have trouble getting invested in this, especially after how Negima turned out. Romance will be the usual non-committal bait and switch routine and something about how he writes fights rubs me the wrong way. I just read the chapter and move on, without an urge to discuss it extensively.

Also, the Negima thing kida looms like a sword of Damocles made out of shit. At some point more old characters will make an appearance and everyone will be sucking Negi's dick, once he turns up.
>the shipping war.

but Kuromaru already won >>101025116
I haven't read any of this and I won't start until Negi shows up. Too mad about the ending of Negima.
Oh god she really is Ciel.
File: 04.png (248.11 KB, 873x1250)
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these fucking translations

11/10 would rage again
>There is only half of you

If he kills the shota I'll be mad.
This might have been the best chapter yet. Though it feels like Ken is taking too much influence from Street Fighter.
inb4 haha we don't actually kill the kids, we just pretend to be super tough and ship them off to luxury kindergartens, paid out of our salary
File: 09.png (190.11 KB, 873x1250)
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>naked Erza torture
>naked Karin torture
If there's ever a good time to be a ryonafag, it's now.
File: 03.png (272.99 KB, 870x1250)
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Also Kuroumaru getting stabbed through hir DFC.
File: 021.png (326.22 KB, 868x1250)
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>not skinning Touta's chest and frying it
Shounen Magazine is on a roll.
I thought the romance in Negima was pretty fun. But here combat is the biggest draw, yet no matter how much things get bad I just know that Eva Will Fix It.
The old guy they found underground is Negi. The way he overlooked the weight control in the sword for so many years is exactly what Negi did with the map showing Albireo's hideout.
One traffic sign through each nipple.
>old guy they found underground
File: uq-holder-4498489.jpg (155.93 KB, 800x1143)
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Sorry for the watermarks, I'm at work and is the only one I could find.

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