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Oh great, another generic battle anime. The only good part was that little tournament arc right at the beginning, but then it just got stale seeing the shit thing over and over again. And transforming magic clothes? Really? Who fucking writes this shit? The sad thing is our "hero" would be a pretty likeable and interesting character if not for the whole "NEW MAGIC POWERS OUT OF NOWHERE" bullshit that happens at the climax of every battle. There's no tension because you KNOW the bad guy is going to lose due to some bullshit powerup. That one guy fucking BLINDS HIMSELF and now he's some super buddha god that can hear the universe? What the shit? And don't even get me started on Miss Mary Sue with her holier-than-thou attitude and long princess hair, what a shit character. All her followers love her and would die for her and what has she done? She just stands around doing nothing and being a bitch.

I can't even decide if the animation is good or not because there's so much fucking stock footage in every episode: Stock footage every time someone transforms, stock footage every time someone attacks. /a/ needs to get its head out of its collective ass and realize Saint Seiya is a shit anime.
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Epic blog bro! where do I subscribe?
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Good twist on the copypasta, but it is copypasta.
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Do you think Space Dandy would have been better if it were about Ghost Trick's dandy?
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>Space dandy with Cabanela

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