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Gaijin here looking for suggestions (please be nice).
Being as ignorant as I am I thought I would come to the source of all knowledge on the internet.
I know it is shameful but my only (not even legit) experience with anime is Fullmetal Alchemist (which I absolutely loved, more gore the better) and I think I'd be most comfortable with this kind of style, maybe with more artistic elements.
I am looking for action, preferably realistic, some deep drama and a solid story. Would rather it have more samurai, less high-school cliche. I have been suggested to watch soul eater or bleach but I'm a bit hesitant as I'm such a noob who is very particular. Would prefer less magic and more mecha but not mechas.
Also is Planetes any good? Hopefully it's not too westernized.
Rec threads are bannable. Do not post. Lurk moar.

i will say this one time and one time only

google is your friend. if you put /a/ and anime in the same search field, you will find what you seek.

sage goes in all fields

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