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You are in charge of an animation studio and its your job to design a 30 second promotion trailer for an anime series. It cannot give any vital information away. This is a totally new anime that you have made up.
What would you show?
my dik in ur ass
I would show visually enticing bits from the series that don't reveal anything major. Obviously. What's the point of this thread?
A slow fade in of the the title followed by a slow fade to black
I'd show cute girls.
A naked loli lies in a disheveled bed, furiously masturbating with a purple dildo. Juices spill from her crotch, and saliva drops out of her half-open mouth. Her face is red and she's breathing rapidly, her small chest heaving up and down. She reaches up to pinch her left nipple.

The camera very slowly pans across her body before focusing on a television in the set, which has been playing in the background.

On the TV are scenes from the new upcoming anime. Once the camera zooms in on it, the viewer will be able to catch 5 seconds of it, along with the title image.
Fade in of cute moe girl,
fade out.
And then the anime title
「the explosions and volcano magma from deep within」
is this your fetish?
Running, gainaxing, the title.

No. If it was my fetish there would be whips, chains and dwarves with big beards and horned hats involved.
>make generic anime
>no vital information to give away

>make adaptation of well known material
>still no vital information

>make subordinate leak information
>nothing left to give away
>not giving away fake scenes

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