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In all seriousness, what was the point of her hairchange and why was it there only for the 1st episode
Was this some kind of a ruse
Kyoani attempted to generate a shitstorm.

I didn't even notice until OP pointed it out.
a not so clever ruse, like the one Ga-rei Zero made.
Maybe there was too much negative feedback and forced them to change it back, but I doubt it. Still doesn't explain why it was there in the first place
She wanted to try to be Jap normal for a new year at school, and found in the span of an episode that it was impossible. So she went back to the giant useless hairpin.
Does someone have the full body image with birth-ready hips
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Did they ever explain why she turned it back?
I thought she wanted to do the princess student president thing. And then Dekomori did it better and blackmailed with morisumer readings.
She wanted to change her image to ''the pure princess type'' for the new school year, but seeing as how she was already that much of a slut, her slut side took over.
New school year, new classmates, new life! "Gokigenyo!"

And then Dekomori came and brought her back.
Based twintails, I was gearing up to cry with /a/ about it for the rest of the season. She really does look better with her original design.
It was a stunt to show that she actually cares about Dekomori, since Dekomori didn't like her new hairstyle and went back to calling her a fake again, so she changed it back
Man Chuuni would have been a lot better if the entire cast died in the first episode
Touka isn't that violent.

>I'm pregnant, oneechan.

Oh wait.

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