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That ending, holy crap.
This should be in >>>/jp/

That said, is WEE worth playing?
Isn't it ECON101 with cute girls? I haven't played it yet but I find it intriguing.
It's a certainly a hell of a ride. MC is kind of an ass at times, and the main girl starts out unlikable but improves dramatically. Being a kinetic novel there are zero choices.

It's more about stock trading exclusively than general economics. I can't comment on how accurate it is, though. There are only a couple of girls and, again, there are no choices so you don't get to choose between them.
Just finished reading it as well.

I'm completely floored. Where the fuck can it go from here? It's been a long time since I've seen a protagonist thoroughly lose everything in quite such a dramatic manner at a point neither at the very beginning or the end of a story.

I can hardly wait for the next episode to be translated. I will probably buy it again when it is available on Steam. It's so beautiful that it was translated Spicy Tails themselves, so I'll support them as best as I can.

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