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Was the Laughing Man incident or the Individual Eleven plot a better story, /a/?
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Or should I ask whether or not the Major would have fucked Kuze if she had the chance?
Guevara arc superior
The flashback episode to Mexico was the best episode in the show.

Laughing Man was better written, Individual Eleven was more entertaining.
Why do you feel that way?

I'm rewatching SAC right now, just finished the fifth episode of 2nd Gig. It'll be my third or fourth viewing of the entire series. I have a hard time separating my emotions from the strength of the plot. The Major's actions near the end compared to the first season in particular bugged the crap out of me, leaving a mostly sour taste in my mouth.
Are you talking about the one where Batou's manipulated into almost killing that dude who was skinning ladies alive? Or some other episode I can't recall?
It's the sniper episode where the Major bests and ends up recruiting Saito during the American Empire's invasion of Mexico.
Oh yeah. That was pretty good. Lots of tension and mind games.
That's. From the beginning SAC Major is so flawless. I like when she put emotion to her action sometimes, being indecisive and frail, and in the end the glorious motherfucker Batou come to save her
How can I don't like that
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Laughing Man by far.
It made me want to see more the American Empire. I love how America gets portrayed in anime, especially in the near-future ones like GITS.
I always have to allow for a little suspension of disbelief when it comes to how Ghost in the Shell portrays America. The idea that within thirty years it would call itself an Empire feels completely unrealistic to me.
It was only part of the US, remember, but yeah. It requires a bit to pass a post-war collapsed USA, but I still love the portrayal.
Given the dissatisfaction with democracy, it's just a natural cycle. All it takes is one person who is charismatic enough to be monarch. And then that empire will eventually be taken down by rebels, creating a new democracy.
That's a neat graphic. Where'd that info come from?

And are GiTS and Appleseed actually confirmed to be in the same universe?

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