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Did KLK save anime from the moeshit?
Kill la Kill plunged anime into the dark era of shounenmoeshit.
Fuck off, Rugganigger.
No, It hasn't saved anime, nor did anime need saving.
Too much fanservice
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Started off awkwardly, got me interested for a few episodes, had strong characters but the looney toons humor and budget saving pissed me off so dropped it.

Sad really, I was expecting a change.
It tried but failed.

Now its Space Dandy's turn.
Better than moe. Feels like the early 2000s again.
MC a shit.
Why are /v/ermin so stupid that they keep responding to the same bait thread every fucking time?
Kill yourselves, crossboarders.

The same goes for you, Rugga.
That's the worst period of anime.
>That's the best

Shingeki already did it

>outselling oriemo, failgun and monoshitgari

it doesnt get more based than that
Thank god. We've been saved. Then why doesn't /a/ praise it?
Because double standard entitled elitist backpedaling hipsters
I hope the mods save us from your shit threads.
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I was completely turned off from KLK for 14 weeks because of the fanbase.
I picked it back up and watched episodes 2-15 having 0 expectations for them in 2 days.
I haven't felt like that watching a show since Eureka Seven.
Fuck the fanbase though.
This is my prime reason for not lurking /a/ threads about anime im thinking of watching before i have committed to watching it.
I think it's great so far, aside from the obvious parts where they cheaped-out on animation quality to save money.
I'm just watching it because it's one of those hyped up shows you need to have an opinion on. It's pretty awful and directionless, Trigger dropped the ball with this one.
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mako a good
I think you should watch Anime but leave /a/.

>I haven't felt like that watching a show since Eureka Seven.

No, seriously. /a/ is not for you. Find somewhere where people are more tuned to your hobbies.
Penguindrum, Shiki, Denpa Teki na Kanojo, Star Driver, and Eve no Jikan are also on my top list. Deal with it shitlord.

You just said you hadn't fell like watching a show since Eureka Seven. If you are going to blog about your life don't piss your pants because we aren't psychic about the rest of it.

>Deal with it shitlord.
...Yeaaaah, Tumblr is the place for you.

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