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Am I the only one watching this shit?
You aren't. Just enjoy it silently like the few others of us. It's not the worst show of the season at least, but certainly has one of the most non-existent fanbases.
I am. Azumi is a such a qt.
No, you aren't. I'm also watching, it was decent but there aren't enough things that made the show stands out beside deconstructing the card game formula a bit (and even with that the fight scenes aren't numerous in the show so far).
It didn't feel like a card game, it felt more like Devil Survivor, but better
Well the MC has the same VA as Keima and all the girls are best girl specially the loli
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I'm watching it.

The MC is pretty much the most cliched character this season and they could have come up with better names than "white world" or "red world" however Fierte and Azumi.
>muh dick
I also might pick up the TCG and run a deck of cute Z/X's
MC's name is Tennoji
Tenn Oji
Ten Ouji
King of Heaven
I dropped it as fast as I dropped the cardgame.

I'll just wait for Cardfight S4 and Arc-V for my cardgame fix.

Even Buddyfight is more bearable than this.
The first episode was pretty bad, episode 2 was good, 3 at least decent.
best Miyuki Sawashiro show this season, of course I'm watching it

Thanks a fucking lot. I was about to give this a once over but after what you said and that picture, I'm staying far away. It oozes "Religion is evil".
I like it. I like the girls, the op and Sieger.
at first i thought it going to be like Cardfight or yugioh but when some anon says it more like pokemon i give it a shot and it was nice
Fierte is like milf angel

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