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I recently started watching some anime on recommendation from some of my friends and they always get mad when I say I don't watch the intro to an anime.
I've never felt like the intro is something worth watching and it adds nothing to the experience.

So does anyone else think intros are unnecessary?
Intros are cool.
Fuck you, faggot.

Quit life.
No, you've got shit taste, etc.

I mean, what do you get out of a series where you watch the intro vs one where you don't?
Openings are for setting the mood. They also tend to have a decent amount of budget put into them. The lyrics can often relate thematically to the series as well, depending on the series.

The only time you should be skipping it is if you are marathoning some long shounen crap or if it's truly god awful, but even in those circumstances, you should still be watching it one time at least.
So they kind of direct you to where the series is going?

Also, when you say get in the mood, isn't it just a story?
The song and visual combination sets the mood. If it's a comedy show, it will probably have a bright, cheery opening to get you in the mood for the show.

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