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I finished UBW months ago but since then all my save data got corrupted somehow. I downloaded the 100% save patch but I'm not sure how to proceed. How do I make sure I'm on the Heaven's Feel route? I don't want to read for 2 hours only to slowly have it dawn upon me I'm reading UBW again.
For HF path it's easy

In the first few days just pick every option that's similar to "What's Sakura up to" basically. Giving her a lot of attention early on will lead to a very odd sort of occurrence in town that will not meet your expectations here, but you should know the route very early on there.

In UBW you tell Saber not to kill Archer, but in HF that doesn't matter since she does still cut him in this version. All you have to do is pick every Sakura option, and then wait for shit to start happening. I believe the first difference you'll see is meeting Zouken on like the second day, talking to Sakura in the classroom, or fighting Shinji on the second or third day.

All right thanks. I'd delete my thread but >moot.

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