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Why didn't they just use their body-hijack skills instead of piloting Valvraves, as soon as they found out that operating Valvraves requires runes?
Why didn't they just use their body-hijack skills, even though it is possible to use it on Magius too (seeing as Rukino successfully hijacked Haruto)?
Why didn't they use body-hijack skills at all, except for some plot-specific cases?
Is it possible to body-hijack from another body (e.g., Haruto->PersonX->PersonY and not Haruto->PersonX->Haruto->PersonY)?
How did L-Elf predict that Haruto would look at the clock/earthquake would happen precisely at 3:14?
How did Rukino safely escape with her Valvrave in the episode 22/23?
Why bother with entire subplot of magical siblings imprisoned inside Valvraves as OS, if it was never going to be explained?
What do the letters (A-Drei, Q-Vier, K-Zwolf, Plan D7 etc.) mean? Has anyone tried finding all twelve or more, and putting them into order?
Why didn't the studio just fire the scriptwriter as soon as they saw this fucking mess of a writing?

God, it's Code Geass R2 all over again - like 'Nam, but with plot retardation instead of war flashbacks.

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