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Exactly what makes lesbianism and incest more pure than any other form of love?

Where does lesbian incest fall on the scale?
It's not.

"Pure" love is shit in comparison to real, heterosexual relationships between a boy and a girl who aren't related. Girls have too much in common with each other for a romantic relationship between them to feel exciting (same with boys). Same logic applies to siblings, siblings grew up in the same environment and thus are too similar for a romantic relationship to feel exciting. Forbidden love is the fucking shit, but love between a girl and a girl really doesn't feel forbidden anymore considering there are so many fucking yuri shows and lesbianism is actually accepted in society. With all these homo shows it actually feels like hetero relationships are more rare and thus more coveted.
Well said, Mr. Anon.
>more pure than any other form of love
That's not true (for lesbianism at least, not sure about incest).

Here's my thoughts I posted less than a day earlier:
Is /ss/ the purest form of love?

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