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>Super hero anime
>Takes place in a huge city called Bridgereach
>Main character is a man name Takuya who goes by the hero name Zero G because of his gravity manipulation powers (which he regrets picking that name, as his friends and enemies alike mock him sometimes by calling him "zerojii-san")
>Takuya is the father of two twin girls, and has to balance raising his little girls and hero duty. He tries his best to keep his identity a secret from the girls, but they have long since figured it out, and now just play along with the secret
>One part action series with heroes and villains fighting and two parts SoL as Takuya deals with his young daughters and tries his best as a father as well as dealing with his powers explosively growing, as all super powered people deal with in their 30s
>A plethora of side characters, like Takuya's little brother who also has gravity powers but no where near as powerful as his older brother, but instead of getting down about it he goes into a career as a stunt man for movie and tv shows. A seductive villainous with ridiculous super strength who, after turning over a new leaf, ends up married to Takuya a young, feminine boy villain with explosive powers and a naive streak and all kinds of other people
A 15 year old legendary samurai is thrown forward in time by his nemesis, an evil Mongolian wizard. Arriving at our present he is taken in by the temple monk and tricked into attending high school.
The samurai must adapt to his new life while hopefully finding a way to return to his time. The descendant of the wizard throws a wrench in the MC's plans when he shows up and begins attempting to kill him, as MC is the only person that knows about the wizard's plans for world domination.
MC must also manage a harem of 3 girls who want some Kamakura era dick.
Fantasy world. There's a small peaceful farming village with humans and monster people (centaurs, lamias, harpies, the works) living together. The children of the village all like to visit a young man's farm. Cute monster girls doing cute monster girl things and slice of life
A slice of life show about a 28 year old architect and a 25 year old violinist who share an apartment. The architect is a sharp-tongued, demanding perfectionist who always expects the best from everything and everyone, and is disappointed when he does not get it. The violinist is a perpetually smiling, introverted pessimist who doesn't understand or care much about people, and would rather just play music all day. They dislike each other initially, but over the course of the series, grow to be great friends.

The cast is expanded slowly, with the secondary characters including their 27 year old landlady, a 26 year old hot-blooded female engineer who states, in no uncertain terms, that she's gunning for the architect's heart, a 31 year old autismal conductor who often ropes the two into trouble, and the violinist's 19 year old little brother who occasionally drops in to make sure that his brother hasn't set his apartment on fire or something.

The animation of the episodes told from the architect's POV are surrealistic, with lines flying off everywhere, colors leaking through lines and mixing together, buildings remodeling themselves and shit in his presence while the violinist's POV episodes have a monochromatic sketchy style (aside from the major characters, who each have one color that represents them), but with an emphasis on the sounds and music.

Basically SOL hijinks with bizarre animation and all that jazz. The show runs on character interactions and its kinda-socially-retarded-bros doing kinda-socially-retarded things premise.
>their 27 year old landlady
Landlady at 27? Crazy. She should be a christmas cake instead.
>inb4 27 is christmas cake age
She inherits the apartment. She's single, and it's a sore point for her. A veeeeery sore point.
>comfy christmas cake harem
MC is a high school girl whose mother wants another child but can't take off time from work, so MC gets herself pregnant. She gets away with it because confronting her would bring up the birth rate issue and shame all of glorious nippon.

She tries to protect the father by keeping him a secret, but she can't drive him away because she's unable to act like a bitch or make up a good excuse why they shouldn't be together. She tells him the truth, he freaks out, and still continues bugging her.

When her pregnancy becomes public knowledge, she has to start dealing with some harassment. One girl actually admires her. The thing she was trying to prevent in the previous paragraph happens anyway, and rumors about the father spread.

At some point, she throws somebody down a flight of stairs for fucking with her or the boy(in soviet Russia...).
Main girl falls in love with her the loner guy in her class. You know, that one mysterious tall dude who looks just a tad intimidating, won't talk much at all, but helps people out when they need some help? Yeah, she falls in love with that guy because she wants "to make him smile" and "get past his mystery".

Except he's really nothing like her image of him. The reason main guy is always alone is because he's a socially retarded, pessimistic, introverted bastard. He longs for a friend though, so he tries his hardest to at least be a decent fellow.

When main girl starts trying to get close to him, he quickly realizes that her image of him, the one she's in love with, is nothing like him. This disgusts him, so even though he longs for companionship, he wants nothing to do with her. However, his awkward attempts at pushing her away only feeds fuel to the fire, and she only gets more determined to get close to him.

Basically, the story is told from both POVs. Girl's POV is like a typical shoujo romance, while the meat of the story happens from Guy's POV. It's the story of an awkward guy and an inappropriate romantic and how they get through their last year of high school.
Every time I see this I feel like it's missing something.

I'd say it's missing an actual plot, but that's not what's wrong with it, I think.
>A samurai, a cowboy, a pirate, a viking and a mobster find themselves trapped in Arthurian England where they are made knights of Arthur's round table
>Must now use their respective skills and knowledge from their times to battle against a strange enemy, magical knights that are hunting after Arthur and his swords.
No thanks, anon, I don't want an anime about your life.
>cute girls
>driving tractor trailers
Your plot is missing something that I can't quite put my finger on.

It's almost good but doesn't quite reach what you seem to be going for.
I-I'm not tall!
Honestly, it's just an excuse plot to showcase the animation-and-music schtick. I really want to watch something with that kind of animation.
>Story of your average high school boy, boring life, boring friends, childhood love interest with thick eyebrows, that sort of stuff
>Then one night the god of insanity visits him and tells him that the world is in danger, a cataclysmic event called The Great Order is on its way, where beings of order and sanity will straighten the bends in the world and all the people, turning it into a sterile, boring, dull world
>So the god of insanity decided he's going to fuck that plan up, and he's chosen a hand full of people across the world to become his avatars of madness to do it
>Also they have no choice in the matter, they are going to do it whether they want to or not
>Of course high school boy refuses even when told he can't and tries to go on with his life, that is until the servants of order start to appear, revealing exactly why he can't refuse, he's been implanted with the god's madness, meaning if any beings of order show up, the kid goes absolutely batshit and starts fighting the order niggas
>So now this kid has to deal with sudden and unexpected episodes of going fucking insane and fighting weird alien angel looking things using the powers of the insane god
>Eventually meets the other avatars as the war against order begins to swell
>MC moves to a new town and starts at a new school
>(un)fortunately for the MC his last name is the same as that of a large, well known yakuza family in the area
>this is played for laughs at first, with students assuming that he's the heir to the family and the MC plays along more out of bad luck than anything else, with no one giving him a chance to explain that it's a coincidence
>eventually the yakuza get word that there's someone new in town and he's supposedly part of their family, and they send guys to pick him up
>misunderstandings continue when he's brought before the boss of the family in the town, and in order to keep himself from being killed for impersonating a family member, the MC has to pretend that he really is a part of the mob
>through sheer luck he manages to satisfy their questions about how he is related to them and they welcome him as one of their own
>as the show goes on, he becomes more involved in the yakuza operations and ends up being the thing he was only pretending to be

>the family is tightly woven into the fabric of the town where they are thought of more highly than government and police both
>as such, he earns a great deal of respect (rather than scorn) for being a gang member
>but when corrupt cops decide that the mob hasn't been paying them enough, they try to bring down the family that has lined their pockets and replace them with one they can control
>using underhanded and downright illegal tactics, the police fabricate evidence, pose as yakuza and perpetrate crimes, and do a myriad of other things to spoil the yakuza in the eyes of the townfolk

>despite the fact that he is pretending, and despite the fact that the MC doesn't really have much good to say about gang members, he finds himself oddly attached to his new town and his new 'family', and wholeheartedly takes up their quest to keep the town peaceful, even dirtying his own hands to protect the people who look up to the mob for help

>merlin is actually from the far future, and all his magic is merely SCIENCE
>Doctor Drastic is the world's greatest villain
>Doctor Drastic is the nemesis of the mighty Toku Rangers
>Doctor Drastic will destroy the world
>Doctor Drastic has just lost his job for the nth time

Basically, the show follows Doctor Drastic, a typical hammy alien villain, as he searches for a job to keep from being booted from his small apartment. He always goes around in full regalia, but no one (apart from the Toku Rangers) ever comment on this. He goes to job fairs and shit, and he tries all sorts of odd jobs, only to get fired very quickly. Most of the time, it's because of the Toku Rangers doing their best to mess up his job, because they believe that it's a part of his evil plans. There's a moral lesson in every episode, though it's all stuff like "kill someone who can cause you trouble later", "if you're having trouble, an explosion won't hurt" or "if explosions haven't fixed your problem, you haven't used enough".
File: schrödinger.gif (718.07 KB, 414x623)
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>Schrödinger's cat turns into a catboy who is in the Hitler youth.

That is all.
>14 year old boys have to pilot giant robots
>they are fighting strange creatures that come from seemingly nowhere
>tons of religious symbolism
>daddy issues
>they all have gay sex with each other and cross dress in the downtime
Boku no Rano
I was going for boku no Eva but ok
Mc is a teenage girl who realizes she has never had a boyfriend and now wants one. Each episode is her trying to throw herself at the "boyfriend" of the week while her group of friends (both genders but no interest in her from the guys) try and stop her from hooking up with assholes or looking like an idiot to nice guys. Obligatory episodes when she goes after a gay guy, and when she tries being a lesbian. The series ends when her friends successfully set her up with someone nice and she cops out because being in a relationship is too demanding for her.
>generic mc.protag gets send to live with his aunty
>aunty lives in a mountain village in the middle of nowhere
>entire village is populated by generic moe girls
>no internet,telephone or TV
>can't leave because the road's blocked
>gradually goes insane
>he's the narrator and describes everything in excruciating detail
Love triangle between MC-kun, sensei-chan, and sensei-chan's imouto.
its world war II except every one is a loli and its a SOL show starting hitler
Female MC falls in love with a reverse trap
>MC is an anon who browses /a/ every day. One day, giant monsters suddenly start attacking his hometown. MC, together with a group of anons, form an army to defeat these monsters, while trying to find out their origin, and why they decided to attack.
Lead Girl, the most popular girl in school, and Lead Boy, her unremarkable classmate, start a relationship after the latter walks in on the former while she uses the toilet.

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