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So what does /a/ think of Welcome to the NHK?
I watched it and I didnt like the first episodes, as they were boring, and it got really good in the end and in the suicide parts. However, I hated how the psycho people ended up just fine and the ending was not even a clear love story, they just fucking went back to being needy bitches who know each other.

What did you guys think?
The anime version really tones down the darkness and makes Misaki a kawaii uguu waifu

Read the novel
thanks! I assume there is a english version of the novel?
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Does anyone even ask about /a/'s opinion on any show but this one?

They are "just fine" because the point of the whole thing isn't to demonize. They aren't psychos either, they just suffer various disorders. I assume you're just pissed that Misaki and Sato don't kiss? It wasn't really a love story, so there's no point to that anyway.

But also the concept of 'needy' is obvious. neets and hikikomoris and other sorts of screwballs need company when they get ronery or they need validation.

Not fucking everything needs to be wrapped up in a neat little package.

Are you also disappointed there was really no conspiracy, either?

Oh noes, that conspiracy plot didn't really go anywhere.

>muh plotline
Read the light novel instead.
I loved the manga but I remember being disappointed with the ending. try the novel although truthfully I need to check it out myself.
I enjoyed it. It's a little overrated, but definitely worth a watch. I marathoned it and it made me pretty depressed for like 2 weeks.

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