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My favorite anime series are:

Onegai Sensei

But I generally haven't had time to watch a lot of anime or read a lot of manga, but now I do (long story, but it involves a spine that's eating itself).

Please recommend, based on the two above, what I should watch/read. Thanks.
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Oh boy, here we go again.
Oh and Elfen Lied.
>a spine that's eating itself
I suppose that's literal?

>Please recommend, based on the two above, what I should watch/read.
I can assure you, that this is absolutely nothing to go on.

Just google "anime recommendations".
Yes, literal.

I understand that it's simply too broad a field for this to be too helpful. I'm on MAL and Reddit looking through their recommendations, as well, I just wanted the weird, random things that only someone perusing 4chan late at night would know of...for example, my favorite American animated movie is called "Where The Dead Go To Die", it was all done by one guy, the 3d looks like a PS1, but it's the most awesomely twisted thing I've ever seen in my life. If I hadn't just randomly checked out something posted on this board, I would never have watched it.
This has to be bait. There's no way a random newfag hit all of these at the same time
Get the fuck out, kid.
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Rec threads are against the rules. Get out.

might as well check out Onegai Twins since you alteady watched Onegai Teacher

if you ask me Onegai Twins was the best

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