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What did /a/ think about Appleseed EXMachina? Just finished watching it, really enjoyed the shit out of it too. Thought it had amazing animation quality, not to mention they did a great job with the voices. Had a pretty kick ass story on top of that.

Any thoughts?
downloading it
i am just hoping its good..
If you're a fan of like- Ergo Proxy and Ghost in the Shell, I think you'll enjoy it.
shit sucked
So it's better than the other one? Gonna take a while though, god damn clogged tubes.
Well, I liked both of those so I guess I should give it a shot.

But if it is anything like that other Appleseed movie, Anon, I will hunt you down and rape your ear.
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So it's better than the other one? Gonna take a while though, god damn clogged tubes.
I'll be honest, I didn't even watch the first one. I just kinda saw a commercial for this and though, "What the hell, haven't seen any good anime in a while." so I downloaded. Was really impressed with it though.

Holy fucking shit dude, 6gigs? Is that really necessary? You could just download the DvD version, have it within an hour.
I thought it had good action, animation, and voice acting, but the music production was definitely a step down from the first Appleseed film and the story had more action cliches than I thought was possible.

It was worth a watch, but you have to be brain deficient in order to think that the story was "kick ass".

Yeah, yeah. It was pretty cliche, but I thought it was still really well done. And as for the music, like I said, never saw the first one, but I really liked the whole techno/rock style, it really fit if you ask me.
Thisis the 3rd movie, isn't it (not the 1990s one nor the 2004 failfest)?
My speed is usually much faster, being on 1.5 DSL would take about 4-5 hours (just upgraded to 3.0, which is still fucking slow compared to cable or FIOS). But downloading other stuff too slows it down by a lot.

I can grab the DVD version in less than an hour if I wanted to, yes, but I'd rather actually put my 28" monitor to some good use. It's not really a priority anyways.
Pretty to look at, good music, and...

... an absoltely craptacular plot. And what the heck is up with Bri getting smaller and smaller all the time? Sucker's supposed to be closer to a landmate than a human in size, and run around with a 20mm autocannon for a rifle, not a pair of fucking SMGs.

Third, yes. Followup to the 2004 one.
I actually enjoyed the 2004 Appleseed film, I'm not sure where all this "failfest" talk is coming from.

Regardless, it's a much better film than its sequel in pretty much every aspect aside from cg quality.

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